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Obama advisor & director of WH Initiative on #AAPI shares family history of mental illness | #MentalHealth

August 8, 2014


The statistics on mental health in the Asian American community are staggering, if well-known to regular readers of this blog: Asian American women have the highest rate of depression and suicide among women of any raceSoutheast Asian American refugees have high rates of PTSD and twice the national suicide rate; at a rate higher than youths of any race, two thirds of Native Alaskan & Pacific Islander LGBTQ youths have attempted suicide. More Asian American college students than White students report feeling sad when surveyed, and these rates rise to nearly 80% of survey respondents when asking Southeast Asian Americans. Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death for Asian Americans, compared to 10th for other racial groups.

Asian Americans are among the least likely of patients to seek treatment for depression, and when they do are arriving with more severe symptoms suggesting they wait longer before asking for help.  In one study, only 2% of Asian Americans are willing to self-report symptoms of depression to their doctor — nearly seven times less than White patients.

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