“Selfie” Cancelled by ABC


Looks like we’re only brave enough to see an Asian American male romantic lead for 13 episodes. ABC has opted not to renew “Selfie”, the romantic sitcom starring John Cho as a curmudgeonly marketing rep and love interest opposite the flighty, superficial, and supremely unlikable Eliza Dooley played by Karen Gillan; which is a nice way of saying the show is cancelled.

Sadly, this happened before I had a chance to review the series, which I had planned to do. Sufficed to say, I think part of the issue with Selfie — or at least with the pilot — was a fundamental misunderstanding of My Fair Lady. In my opinion, Cho was wasted on a vehicle that was largely not worth his talent.

Fans of the show need not be too depressed: Selfie  is only on episode 6 of the first season, and the remaining 7 episodes are still scheduled for air. In addition, Cho appears in a political thriller from producer Daron Aronfsky and starring Lena Headey called Zipper that was slated for release some time this year; Cho also recently completed filming on Get A Job, a comedy scheduled for release in 2015. In 2016, Cho is guaranteed to reprise his role as Sulu in the much-anticipated Star Trek 3.  Finally, studios confirm that a Harold and Kumar animated series is happening.

No word yet on the fate of Fresh Off The Boat, the Asian American family sitcom centered around the autobiography of celebrity chef Eddie Huang, which was picked up as an alternate series and which we’ve been promised will appear in the spring schedule.

ABC adds 2 new sitcoms featuring Asian American male leads with “Selfie”, “Fresh Off The Boat”

The diverse cast of ABC's new sitcom, "Selfie".
The diverse cast of ABC’s new sitcom, “Selfie”.

Last week, ABC made history by green-lighting two new sitcoms for their fall lineup that will include Asian American men in leading roles.

Earlier in the week, ABC announced it was picking up Selfie, a sitcom adaptation of My Fair Lady. Scottish actress Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) plays Eliza Dooley who enlists the help of Henry, an arrogant marketing expert (and likely love interest) played by John Cho (Star TrekSleepy HollowHarold & KumarBetter Luck Tomorrow), to help her rebuild her image after a humiliating break-up goes viral and launches her social media presence into the stratosphere.

Selfie features a racially diverse cast, and with its pickup, Cho will join only a small handful of Asian American men currently on TV as lead characters in primetime sitcoms.

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