Most AAPI actually DON’T think affirmative action hurts us in college admissions | #BlockBlum #IAmNotYourWedge

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This is perhaps the most exciting and satisfying report of negative data I have ever read.

Opponents have long argued that existing surveys showing broad support for race-conscious affirmative action among AAPI have obscured disapproval of these policies based on how the questions were worded; earlier studies asked questions regarding affirmative action broadly based on wording used by the non-partisan Pew Research Group. Yunlei Yang of the Silicon Valley Chinese Association criticized this methodology when he wrote for the LA Times in his op-ed (“Asian Americans would lose out under affirmative action“), saying “I find the poll question misleading and Ramakrishnan’s reasoning deeply flawed.”

That criticism was echoed on BigWOWO, where blogger Byron Wong wrote, “If [the poll’s question wording] is not a loaded question, I don’t know what is.” Among his other concerns, Byron went on to advocate for an alternative question wording that limited scope to college admissions, saying:

Most people have heard the debate about college admissions since it affects everyone. People already know that college affirmative action makes it more difficult for Asian and white kids to get into selective colleges. People already have their views.

The basic premise is that had a survey polled Asian American (or specifically Chinese American attitudes) on affirmative action in college admissions, and asking whether or not these policies hurt Asian American acceptance rates, the answer would reveal a resounding majority opposition to race-conscious affirmative action.

Not satisfied, it seems, to simply disprove these nay-sayers, the primary investigators of this year’s surveys on Asian American political opinions have now “clapped back” with an abundance of evidence that almost completely dismantles these (apparently baseless) criticisms.

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Proof that UCLA’s race-blind holistic review admissions is inadequate for campus diversity


Earlier this week, The Daily Caller — a national conservative website — reported on the work of UCLA professor Tim Groseclose. Groseclose is a conservative-leaning professor of political science at UCLA, and he recently set out to prove a very specific and inflammatory charge: that UCLA’s post-Proposition 209 holistic review process was actually race-based. In a book called “Cheating: An Insider’s Report on the Use of Race in Admissions at UCLA“, Groseclose presents his data purporting to demonstrate widespread use of holistic review to make determinative decisions in favour of minority applicants to UCLA. The Daily Caller summarized Groseclose’s findings as follows:

[Groseclose claimed] that the research is proof that UCLA accepted more black students than if they had followed the law, which negatively impacted white and Asian applicants.

He claims that the racial preferences were used when the university would review applications that were marked for further consideration. In those instances, black applicants with incomes over $100,000 were around twice as likely to be accepted than white and Asian applicants with incomes of $30,000 with similar test scores.

Groseclose’s charges are pretty serious: he alleges that UCLA is violating state law. But, two things also make this article particularly interesting: 1) Groseclose made the full dataset he received from UCLA’s admissions departments available, and 2) he makes a testable hypothesis.

Groseclose’s book is not peer-reviewed and even before embarking on this analysis, I noted some incorrect statements made by the DailyCaller article. So, I took it upon myself this morning to download Groseclose’s dataset and test his central assertion — that UCLA’s holistic review process is covertly race-based affirmative action — myself. Sufficed to say, Groseclose’s conclusion did not hold up.

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Reappropriate: The Podcast – Ep. 1 | Affirmative Action

Yep – I started a podcast! I had been toying with this idea for awhile (nearly a year, actually), because there are many topics that I think are fun to tackle in a more conversational style; last night I finally buckled down and recorded my first episode. Right now, I’m calling it Reappropriate: The Podcast (but I am taking name suggestions and all other feedback!)

I envision the podcast as an interactive live conversation on various social justice and identity politics issues, relative to current events and pop culture. All episodes are recorded live through Google+ Hangouts; viewers can submit questions beforehand (through Twitter) and/or during recording and have their questions answered on-air. Episodes will later be released in video (through YouTube) and audio (through iTunes).

The inaugural episode of Reappropriate: The Podcast is available right here at the bottom of this post, as well as on YouTube (embedded video above). Our topic for Episode 1 is affirmative action, and specifically perspectives in the Asian American and African American communities. We tackle Proposition 209 (and its effect on on-campus racial diversity in the UC schools), SCA5 and even the brewing political fight in the New York City elite public school system. My guest was Snoopy Jenkins (@SnoopyJenkins)!

Next episode topic: “Thinking Man” Superhero Movies: The Matrix, The Nolanverse, The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and more (again, featuring guest Snoopy Jenkins, who has graciously agreed to be my guinea pig until I iron out the podcast format and other issues). Submit your questions and mark your calendars now!

CA State Senator Ted Lieu calls on Fox News host to resign over anti-Asian slur

Representative Ted Lieu, who represents California's 28th Senate District. (Photo credit: Sacramento Bee.)
Representative Ted Lieu, who represents California’s 28th Senate District. (Photo credit: Sacramento Bee.)

California State Senator Ted Lieu is calling on Fox News’ Bob Beckel, co-host of The Five, to resign after he used the slur “Chinaman” on air last week. I recently wrote about how the term “Chinaman” is a derogatory slur with a heinous history.

In an online statement issued over the weekend, Lieu responded to Beckel’s on-air usage of an anti-Asian slur and demanded the co-host’s resignation.

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April 15: UC Riverside Students Hosting Townhall on #AffirmativeAction & Diversity | #SCA5

Photo credit: AALDEF
Photo credit: AALDEF

Are you a student at UC Riverside? If so, then you definitely need to make some time in your schedule tomorrow evening for an on-campus townhall conversation on affirmative action and the negative impact of Proposition 209 on campus diversity in UC schools!

The event is co-sponsored by the African Student Programs, the Asian Pacific Student Programs, the Chicano Student Programs, the Middle Eastern Student Centre, and Native American Student Programs, and will be happening Tuesday April 15th, 5-6:30pm in the Highlander Union Building, Rm 379.

From the press release:

The hope is to have a thoughtful and constructive engagement with the issue of racial diversity in colleges, such as what students gain from that diversity and how they manage challenges that may arise from that diversity, said William Caganap, interim director of Asian Pacific Student Programs.

“Some of our Asian American students who come from the San Gabriel Valley have expressed an interest in having such a forum,” he explained. “They have heard a lot from their parents, and seen the news stories coming out of the area, and they feel like they need to be better informed before making a decision on the issue of restoring some aspects of affirmative action.”

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