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Patsy Mink to be post-humously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

November 24, 2014


President Obama is scheduled to honour 19 individuals today with receipt of the Presidential Medal of  Freedom, the highest award available to civilians. Among this year’s recipients is Patsy Mink, the former representative from Hawaii who died in office in 2002, and was nonetheless so beloved by her constituency that she was re-elected by a wide margin.

Mink is an incredible Asian American icon, most notable for co-authoring Title IX, the landmark legislation that integrated college campuses and athletics for women. Mink is also notable for being the first Asian American woman elected to Congress, as well as the first Asian American to seek a presidential nomination when she ran in the Democratic primary in Oregon in 1972.  Mink’s life story is told in the documentary Ahead of the Majority.

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