New Vincent Chin Podcast Never Contacted Helen Zia or the Chin Estate

Journalist Helen Zia speaks at a protest seeking justice for Vincent Chin in the 1980's. (Photo credit: Corky Lee)

This post was updated on 5/29/21 to include new developments in this story, including comments from A-Major Media. This post was updated on 6/3/21 to include new comments by Annie Tan and Rosalind Chao.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Gemma Chan would be partnering with A-Major Media and M88 to produce a new star-studded podcast centered around the 1982 racially-motivated murder of Vincent Chin that sparked a nationwide protest galvanizing the Asian American community. That podcast — Hold Still, Vincent — involves a table read of a screenplay by the same name written by Johnny Ngo, and it features a star-studded cast of Asian American actors including Remy Hii as Vincent Chin, Rosalind Chao as Vincent’s mother Lily Chin, and Kelly Marie Tran as both Liza Chan and Helen Zia. Benedict Wong, Ki Hong Lee, Stephanie Hsu and Tzi Ma also make appearances. The podcast also features an interview with Asian American artists and activists moderated by John Cho. Hold Still, Vincent released all five episodes on May 27, and is also expected to be developed into a feature film.

Both podcast and film have excited the Asian American community because they are expected to introduce a pivotal moment in Asian American movement history to a wider audience. Many were disappointed therefore when Helen Zia — the journalist who played a central role in organizing the demands for justice for Chin and his family — revealed that neither she nor the Vincent Chin Estate have ever been contacted by the makers of Hold Still, Vincent.

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A Podcast for Women of Colour and Anyone Else Who “Gives an F”


Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of content — even new media content — with an intersectional focus on feminism and racial identity? I know I have. So, I was delighted earlier this month to learn of F This Weekly,  a fantastic new weekly podcast launched late last year that focuses on content for women of colour, and anyone else who “gives an F”.

F This Weekly was created by Paola Mardo, whose expertise in film marketing and social media combined with her background in both Film & Media Studies and Asian American Studies has resulted in a sizzling podcast project with F This Weekly. Every Friday, Paola invites a guest onto the show to talk in an engaging way about the topics of the day — anything from food to film to feminism.

I had a chance to interview Paola about her inspiration in creating F This Weekly, and her interview appears after the jump.

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