First Indian-American Miss America Crowned, Minds of Racists Explodes


Last night, Miss America happened. I was watching Breaking Bad.

I think pageants are regressive and boring, and when they’re not that, give us all more fodder to laugh at stupid pretty people when they are both pretty and stupid, which (let’s face it) is just kind of mean. But, other people think pageants are important.

Last night, the second consecutive Miss New York won Miss America, proving she is the most beautiful woman of average intelligence to be wealthy enough to compete in pageants at this level. This isn’t notable except this year’s Miss America is Nina Davuluri, a 24-year-old South Asian American woman from Syracuse, New York.

Predictably, no sooner had that tiara landed on Miss Davuluri’s head, the Twitterverse exploded with all kinds of racist glory.

My favourites:

@JPLMan95: “Miss America? You mean Miss 7-11.

@ChrisBlac57: Sand nigger is up #missamerica

@toddstarns (host of Fox News & Commentary): The liberal Miss America judges won’t say this – but Miss Kansas lost because she actually represented American values. #missamerica

What is there to say about all this except — wow, they still make you?

(It goes without saying that Miss Davuluri is American. Also, she’s neither Arab nor Muslim, but the better question is why is it a problem if she were?)

Edit: This post has been updated because it had a really egregious misspelling of Miss Davuluri’s name. Apologies for the error.