Asian Americans: What are We Doing to Break TV’s Bamboo Ceiling?

Daniel Wu of AMC's "Into the Badlands". (Photo Credit: AMC)
Daniel Wu of AMC’s “Into the Badlands”. (Photo Credit: AMC)

Guest Contributor: Miguel Santos, General Manager of Myx TV

It’s on Asian Americans to break the so-called bamboo ceiling.

George Takei and Margaret Cho have been making headlines recently for taking on issues like whitewashing in Hollywood.

Prior to shows like Fresh Off the Boat and The Mindy Project, Asian Americans in entertainment were virtually nonexistent with the exception of a handful of Lucy Lius. The landscape has improved, but if we want to truly elevate and celebrate Asian American stories, we have to start from the ground up. We must change the Asian mindset that a job in entertainment isn’t a viable career path, we must speak up to create a space for our people in the industry and we must lend a hand to pull other Asian Americans up.

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Here’s a sneak peek at Kristina Wong’s reality TV debut!

I wrote earlier this month about Myx TV’s debut of the new Asian American reality TV show “I’m Asian American and…”

Well, the show debuts tonight and the premiere episode features the talented comedian Kristina Wong (@mskristinawong) taking an Asian fetishist with a near-fatal case of Yellow Fever to task!


This is just awesome and Kristina is my hero. Also, pro-tip: saying “hello” to a girl in Mandarin is not a damned pick-up line.

If you get Myx TV, catch the full episode tonight — April 23rd — at 8PM or 7PM CST. You can also catch the full episode tomorrow at Myx.TV!

Trailer for new Asian American Reality TV Show!


Hey, remember when I posted that casting call for a new Asian American reality TV show by Myx TV? Well, it looks like filming is done, post-production is complete, and I’m Asian American and… is ready to premiere May 23!

Check out the trailer for the first series of episodes for Myx TV’s newest reality TV show on the Asian American diaspora, which includes the awesome Kristina Wong being Wong-licious (she’s the one in the “…Reparations for Yellow Fever” episode)!

Are you an Asian American Millenial and in Southern CA, and do you want to be on TV?

Wanna be on TV? Now's your chance!
Wanna be on TV? Now’s your chance!

Myx TV is a brand new specialty channel that produces programming for Asian American Millenials; the channel is currently available through your cable provider in most major cities in the US. I was  recently contacted by a casting director for the network, who is looking for folks interested in being profiled for their upcoming show, “I’m Asian American, and…“.

So, if you’re Asian American, are 18-35, you live in Southern California, and you have an interesting story to tell, email casting [at] thirstytiger [dot] com.

A few show ideas provided on the poster are after the jump:

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