AAPI Civic and Civil Rights Groups Urge Cable News Networks to Improve On-Air Diversity


Mere weeks after Ann Coulter called Asian Americans the racially charged slur “Mandarins” on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, twenty-three of the nation’s largest, oldest, and most prominent AAPI civic and civil rights organizations have penned a joint open letter (press statement | full letter) to MSNBC, CNN and Fox urging the cable news networks to improve diversity in their primetime and Sunday morning programming.

According to Media Matters, Asian Americans are profoundly underrepresented on most cable news networks, and are less than 3% of guests or hosts that appear on CNN, MSNBC or Fox’s nightly or Sunday morning programming. By comparison, Asian Americans are nearly 7% of the American population.

Our underrepresentation is particularly troubling when considered alongside the seemingly routine mischaracterizations of AAPIs by non-Asian guests or hosts who seem to have no problem appearing on cable news programming. Quite simply, AAPIs and other people of colour are being systematically denied the opportunity to participate in forums wherein our nation’s political discourse is shaped.

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Chuck Todd needs to apologize for his random anti-Asian racism this morning

Chuck Todd is the current host of MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” and a former White House correspondent.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, host of The Daily Rundown, went off-script and spouted some random anti-Asian racism this morning. Returning from a commercial break, Todd mistook where he was taping from, confusing Washington D.C. (where the show is normally taped) with New York City (where he is right now).

Todd then made a dismissive retort about New York City, implying that he dislikes the city. When he was questioned as to why by his guests, Todd quipped sarcastically:

“That’s right, defend New York City, with your 3-block radius of Chinese takeout and dry cleaners.” (emphasis added)

Excuse me, Chuck? Did you just say on live national television that the reason you don’t like being in NYC is because you’re around too many Asian people?

That is seriously fucked up.

Act Now! You can contact Chuck Todd and the Daily Rundown with your displeasure over this random morning racism through Twitter at @dailyrundown@chucktodd, and @msnbc.

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