#HowNOTToPickUpAsianChicks: Comedian Kristina Wong Launches Web Series to Review Pick-up Artists’ Self-Help Books

We’re all aware of the sad, lonely, angry corner of the internet known as the “Seduction Community“, where self-described pick-up artists coach one another on how to “score” with women. We’ve all read the think-pieces linking pick-up artistry and other facets of the so-called “Manosphere” to the radicalization of young white men. We’ve all speculated about how online meninist spaces draw from antiquated and pseudoscientific notions of bioessentialism to perpetuate racism, misogyny, and general anti-social antipathy.

Above all, we’ve all turned our noses up at the pick-up artist community’s unwavering (and unwaveringly racist and sexist) fascination with Asian and Asian American women — a fascination that motivates some to write articles extolling the virtues of the submissive Asian woman (whom they describe as the solution to western feminism) while it encourages other to travel to Asia to engage in on-camera street harassment.

And still: most of us harbour a twisted fascination with knowing just how absurd and ridiculous pick-up artistry and other anti-feminist subcultures are. We all wonder: how seriously can people who label themselves “pick-up artists” — and who do so with no hint of irony — really take themselves? After all, pick-up artistry is a self-styled self-help community that insists they exist to help romantically-struggling men. So, what does pick-up artistry self-help really sound like?

Today, comedian Kristina Wong took one for the team, and compiled a group of powerful and funny Asian American women to find out just how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

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Kristina Wong: “I swear Bernie Sanders got my back pregnant.”


Can you get pregnant just by having a guy put his hand on the small of your back? Maybe — if that guy is a Presidential candidate from Vermont and you just can’t stop feeling the Bern!

Full disclosure: I endorsed Bernie Sanders last month. One reason I’m inspired by Sanders is that he has made private meetings with racial justice activists a regular staple of his campaign, which offers unprecedented access by community organizers to a mainstream presidential candidate. Last week, Sanders hosted the first (of hopefully many) such meetings with leaders Asian and Arab American communities. Sanders was joined in hosting the meeting  by one of his surrogates, Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who recently resigned her position as DNC vice chair in her announcement of her endorsement. Also in attendance were several prominent Asian American and Arab American community organizers — as well as performance artist Kristina Wong, a long-time friend of this blog.

I had a chance to interview Kristina to get her thoughts on the thirty glorious minutes she spent basking the Sanders aura, and how she came to experience a total Bern-ing sensation.

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Acting Up & Acting Out: The Wondrous Work of Kristina Wong

Kristina Wong. And cats.

Kristina Wong (@mskristinawong) has dedicated her life to holding up a mirror to Asian America’s politics, pride and foibles through her work as our community’s foremost contemporary performance artist. Wong has influenced generations of Asian American activists with the range of her work tackling such weighty issues as mental health (in her one-woman show “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest“) and celebrity obsession (in her ongoing performance piece wherein she appears at public events with hopes of marrying Jeremy Lin).

Wong’s latest show “Wong Street Journal” has its world premiere this week June 17-June 21 in San Francisco as part of the United States of Asian America Festival (link contains full schedule of festival events) hosted by Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center (APICC): tickets are still available here

As someone who tries and fails to be even a fraction as funny as Kristina, I’m always in awe of her work, which is simultaneously hilarious and deeply thought-provoking. I had a chance last week to interview Kristina and learn a little bit about what it takes to “act up” and “act out” from one of my long-standing Asian American feminist sheroes. 

When’s the wedding to Jeremy Lin and am I invited?

It takes money to marry money.  And sadly: Right now, I have not been able to raise the money to get his attention.

Last summer, I tried to raise $5400 on Kickstarter for courtside tickets where I’d show up in a wedding dress, and he would propose on the spot (because how could he resist?). I came up $394 short after a grueling month of cyber beggary and still have no wedding date.

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Help Hyphen make an important magazine issue on AAPI health go to print! | #APIHealthTalk

Hyphen Magazine, the nation’s premiere Asian American magazine needs your help to help fund their next print issue, which will focus on all aspects of AAPI health (more information after the jump). They have set up an IndieGoGo page and are hoping to raise $10,000.

Please head on over and donate some funds! They have plenty of cool donor prizes (sadly, the signed copy of Chang-Rae Lee’s “On Such a Full Sea” and “Charge Off” has already been claimed, which I would’ve literally bitten people’s arms off to get), so what are you waiting for?

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Here’s a sneak peek at Kristina Wong’s reality TV debut!

I wrote earlier this month about Myx TV’s debut of the new Asian American reality TV show “I’m Asian American and…”

Well, the show debuts tonight and the premiere episode features the talented comedian Kristina Wong (@mskristinawong) taking an Asian fetishist with a near-fatal case of Yellow Fever to task!


This is just awesome and Kristina is my hero. Also, pro-tip: saying “hello” to a girl in Mandarin is not a damned pick-up line.

If you get Myx TV, catch the full episode tonight — April 23rd — at 8PM or 7PM CST. You can also catch the full episode tomorrow at Myx.TV!