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Since the start of the Korean War in 1953, over 200,000 children of Korean ethnic descent have been put up for adoption in America and globally. The ways in which this experience has uniquely shaped the racial, cultural, and ethnic identities of Korean adoptees is rarely explored, and deserves greater voice.

Laura Elizabeth Hyo Jin Wachs is a spoken word artist who was adopted into a family in Seattle, Washington. She has set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a series of poetry and spoken word workshops and showcases, as well as two books, to help international Korean adoptees and Korean American adoptees find a voice in the poetry medium.

Laura has just under a month to raise another $7000. I know y’all just got your income taxes back; how about kicking a little over to help out this awesome project?

The Dari Project to share the voices of LGBTQ Korean Americans needs your help


The Dari Project aims to document and share the life stories of LGBTQ Korean Americans, in an effort to help provide a resource for queer Asian American youth. Launched in 2006, they hope to create a printed resource bilingual resource that will raise awareness about LGBTQ issues and identity in the Asian American community, and help promote cultural acceptance of gay Asian Americans. Here’s the skinny:

Dari Project is a volunteer-led, grassroots organization that develops resources to increase awareness and acceptance in Korean American communities of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people of Korean descent. By documenting and sharing the life stories of LGBTQ Koreans, we seek to build bridges among Korean American families, social  networks, institutions and faith communities.

Since its inception in 2006, the Dari Project leadership has dreamed of publishing the first collection of personal narratives of LGBTQ Koreans as a bilingual resource for LGBTQ Koreans and their friends and families, and we’re so close to making this dream a reality!

We’ve solicited 27 stories from members of our community, which represent multiple experiences, including homo/bi/transphobia in Korean American communities, coming out as an LGBTQ person, building relationships with family, and membership in faith communities.

Thanks to some friends and supporters we’ve been able to get started but we need your help to publish this collection as a bilingual print resource for our community. Your generous contributions will help edit, translate, design, and print our stories this summer.  If we can make our goal of $7000, it will help make this book available for FREE to your friends, families, communities, and people you care about.

Like us and keep up to date with Dari Project on Facebook or our website.

Head over to the Dari Project’s Crowdrise page to help them reach their fundraising goal of $7000, which will go towards funding the following services for the Dari Project:

  • Full Korean and English translation services
  • Editing Korean and English Stories
  • Publication Design
  • Publication Printing
  • Dari Project Marketing

But most importantly, providing your friends, family members and allies with FREE copies of the publication to share.