A Podcast for Women of Colour and Anyone Else Who “Gives an F”


Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of content — even new media content — with an intersectional focus on feminism and racial identity? I know I have. So, I was delighted earlier this month to learn of F This Weekly,  a fantastic new weekly podcast launched late last year that focuses on content for women of colour, and anyone else who “gives an F”.

F This Weekly was created by Paola Mardo, whose expertise in film marketing and social media combined with her background in both Film & Media Studies and Asian American Studies has resulted in a sizzling podcast project with F This Weekly. Every Friday, Paola invites a guest onto the show to talk in an engaging way about the topics of the day — anything from food to film to feminism.

I had a chance to interview Paola about her inspiration in creating F This Weekly, and her interview appears after the jump.

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