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Yale’s President Announces Major New Commitments to Diversity Initiatives in Wake of Student Protests

November 17, 2015
Yale Law School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yale Law School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the wake of the massive student protests that have rocked the Yale campus highlighting the institutional racism of the school and the hostile campus climate that students of colour endure, university president Peter Salovey sent a campus-wide email this afternoon announcing several new commitments for improving inclusivity and diversity at the school.

The announced commitments were broken down into four major areas. First, Salovey announced a commitment to improve the racial diversity of Yale’s faculty by creating four new faculty positions to be filled by those whose scholarship is devoted to “the histories, lives and cultures of unrepresented and underrepresented communities”; their hiring will be guided by a new “Deputy Dean for Diversity” position that will also be created. Salovey also announced a commitment to increase the number of courses and teaching staff dedicated to topics of diversity, including “a five-year series of conferences on issues of race, gender, inequality and inclusion”. Finally, Salovey hinted — but did not explicitly state — renewed interest in creating a multidisciplinary ethnic studies department, which I can only hope would include some form of Asian American Studies offering (because, dude, #WeNeedAAPIStudies).

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It’s Time to Step The F*ck Up for Asian American Studies | #WeNeedAAPIStudies

November 4, 2015
Students at Northwestern launch a 23-day hunger strike for creation of an Asian American Studies Program in April 12, 1995. (Photo credit: Daily Northwestern)
Students at Northwestern launch a 23-day hunger strike for creation of an Asian American Studies Program in April 12, 1995. As of 2015, Northwestern University still lacks an Asian American Studies major. (Photo credit: Daily Northwestern / Vincent LaForest)

I would not be who I am without Asian American Studies. This blog would not exist without Cornell’s Asian American Studies Program.

I can trace my genesis as an Asian American activist, writer, and intersectional feminist to one class: Introduction to Asian American History, a class I took in 2002 and which was being taught for the first time by the newly-recruited Professor Derek Chang.

By the time I enrolled for Professor Chang’s history class, I had already become politically aware as an Asian American. I was already a member of Asian Pacific Americans for Action, our school’s on-campus Asian American political student group. I was already aware of anti-Asian racism and gendered violence, and angry as heck about it.

What I lacked was a researched foundation for that anger, a considered self-awareness of our intersections, or a broader context within which I might situate my identity as a contemporary Asian American woman. These are the things that Professor Chang’s class in Asian American History (and later, Introduction to Asian American Studies) gave to me; and, these are all things that continue to inform my writing and activism today.

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