Asian Americans Must Join the Fight to #StopSessions (and #StopBannon)

Senator Jeff Sessions

Earlier this morning, President-elect Donald Trump announced that he has chosen Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to fill the role of US Attorney General under the upcoming Trump administration.

This selection is tantamount to a declaration of war against people of colour and immigrants, including against Asians and Asian Americans. The Asian American community must rally to stop the confirmation of Senator Sessions as our next head the Department of Justice.

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Trauma Nation in the Era of Trump: Abandoned, but not Alone

(Photo credit: Sudip Bhattacharya)
An anti-Trump protest in New York City that occurred after Election Day 2016. (Photo credit: Sudip Bhattacharya)

By Guest Contributor: Sudip Bhattacharya

“They sold us out,” a friend texted me on election night, after an avowed racist, misogynist, and capitalist , was declared the 45th President of the United States of America.

As the days wore on, others too have expressed similar sentiments, whether while crying over the phone or messaging me at 1 A.M.

All of us, as POC, recognize what has happened, and understand who “they” really are: the white neighbors we thought we could trust, the white friend we assumed knew better, the white co-worker we believed was joking when they claimed that the orange-colored man was what America needed after eight years of Obama. We now see them for who they truly are: liars and frauds.

If you claim to be a white ally and are uncomfortable in reading this, then you are part of the problem. You have allowed the racism in your family and among your peers to permeate the political discourse, and to ultimately, take it over and in the process, risk the lives of millions of POC.

For the rest of you, who I’m hoping are in fact black and brown people searching for answers over what to do next, it is incumbent upon me to admit the hard truth:

We’re fucked.

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Who Should Play Huma Abedin in The Inevitable 2016 Campaign Movie?

Huma Abedin (Photo Credit: Thirteen/MetroFocus)
Huma Abedin (Photo Credit: Thirteen/MetroFocus)

By Lakshmi Gandhi (@LakshmiGandhi) and Asha Sundararaman (@mixedtck)

Of course Anthony Weiner had to pop up in the news during the final week of the campaign.

If you follow lots of left-leaning people on Twitter, that sentiment probably came up a lot over the course of this weekend. It also lead us, as South Asian pop culture bloggers, to ask the question that really matters: Who should play Weiner’s estranged wife Huma Abedin in the inevitable movie made about this campaign?

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