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Department of Transportation: No Penalty for United Airlines After David Dao Assaulted, Dragged Off Plane

September 7, 2017
Dr. David Dao was dragged from a full United Airlines plane by O’Hare Airport Security officers, in a still from bystander cellphone video. (Photo credit: Twitter / @JayseDavid)

A passengers’ rights advocacy group, Flyers Rights, released documents yesterday showing that in May, the Department of Transportation  — which, incidentally, is currently headed by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao — quietly concluded an investigation into United Airlines for an incident that occurred earlier this year wherein passenger Dr. David Dao was assaulted by police and dragged from a full airplane.

The letter obtained by Flyers Rights following a Freedom of Information Act request showed that the Department of Transportation had concluded following their investigation that United Airlines would not face any sort of fines or other punishments following the incident, which was videotaped by another passenger and went viral on social media.

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