Hari Kondabolu tears it up on Letterman last week


I’m actually really late in posting this, because, y’know, #CancelColbert. But one of my favourite comics, Hari Kondabolu, formerly of W. Kamau Bell’s Totally Biased, was on Letterman about a week and a half ago.

And he just totally fuckin’ kills it. Take a gander at the video above.

I also just love how Hari did this bit on freakin’ Letterman, which is like the Whitest late-night show ever.

If you love Hari’s work, you should definitely go buy his new album “Waiting for 2042” which is currently available digitally and on CD.

When bad satire is served up as a thin veil for hate


I don’t write funny. There’s a pretty good reason for it: it’s tough to do good comedy. In fact, the axiom among comedy circles is: “dying is easy; comedy is hard.”

It’s an axiom that seems to be too-oft forgotten in today’s easy-access self-publishing online world. For every great comedian of our times, there’s a hundred dime-store shucksters who think that access to a WordPress.com account and a hipster-witty Twitter handle will make them infamous for their belly-laugh-inducing skillz.

This would be excusable if not for the sheer amount of crap comedic writing that is passed off these days by talentless hacks who want to obscure — while simultaneously revel in — gleeful racist hatred.

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