A Master-List of #AAPI Non-Profit Groups for 2014’s #GivingTuesday!


Did you participate in the #NotOneDime boycott of Black Friday in solidarity with Ferguson supporters, which may have contributed to the day’s reported 11% drop in sales relative to previous years? Did you reject the crass consumerism of Cyber Monday? Hopefully, you’ve got a little bit of extra change in your pocket then; and I’ve got just the groups that could use it!

Today, is the third annual Giving Tuesday, a day to encourage community members to be inspired by the holidays and give to their favourite charities and non-profit organizations.

For those of us in the Asian American & Pacific Islander community, it can be hard to know what organizations are out there. In previous years, Giving Tuesday had created a registry of participating non-profits, but only a few AAPI groups were listed. So, last year, I created a master-list of AAPI non-profits and invited you to browse the site and pick one (or more!) to donate to. This year, I’ve updated the master-list, and it appears after the jump.

However, before you click through, I strongly encourage you to consider donating to the Boggs Center’s trust for Grace Lee Boggs’ hospice care. The trustees of the fund are dedicating one hundred percent of donations to Boggs’ medical and caregiver costs, to offset the $8000/month bill she has been facing since entering hospice care earlier in the year. As Boggs’ trustees write:

Grace has always put the needs of others before her own. But now she is in need of your support.

You can contribute to the Boggs Center’s trust for Grace Lee Boggs here.

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Act Now! Here’s your list of APIA charities for #GivingTuesday!


You’ve heard of Black Friday. You’ve heard of Cyber Monday. But, you may not have heard of Giving Tuesday. Launched last year, Giving Tuesday (or #GivingTuesday, for all you Twerps) is a collaboration between thousands of charities to create an unofficial national day of giving.

That’s right – a day to celebrate the true spirit of the holiday season. Not 25% off televisions, or 50% off domain name registration; no, Giving Tuesday is a call to think about someone else and to do just a little bit to make this world a little bit better. And, in its inaugural year, Giving Tuesday managed to raise nearly $10 million in donations, a nearly 50% increase in giving compared to years before this event was organized.

This year, more than 8000 local and national charities are again coming together to participate in Giving Tuesday.

Here’s your list of Asian American efforts and links to either their organization homepages, or their #GivingTuesday campaigns. Please consider making a donation:

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