Racist “Dirty Chinese Restaurant” Mobile Game Pulled by Developers After Community Backlash

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A screen-capture from the upcoming mobile game “Dirty Chinese Restaurant” by game developers “Big-O-Tree”. (Photo credit: YouTube / Big-O-Tree)

Last week, I posted about “Dirty Chinese Restaurant”, a mobile game in development by a newcomers Big-O-Tree Games, based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The video game’s trailers and website content suggested that the restaurant simulation game — which was planned for release in the Apple and Google mobile app stores — was a grab-bag of offensive and racist anti-Chinese stereotypes. I wrote about how I was particularly disgusted by the game’s concept as a Chinese Canadian who grew up in the same area as the game developers.

The game was the target of widespread backlash from Chinese Canadian and Chinese American activists. Chinese American elected officials even weighed in. Representative Grace Meng wrote a statement on Facebook deriding the planned game, and both she and recently re-elected New York City Councilman Peter Koo took to Twitter with further criticism. New York State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky also used Twitter to call the game “disgusting and unacceptable.” In Canada, Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne — who is also the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party — tweeted that the game “does not reflect the value of Markham,” and the mayor of Markham, Ontario, Frank Scarpitti, called the game “appalling”.

Now, Big-O-Tree Games has decided to pull the planned game, and has issued a formal apology to the Chinese community. They have also removed all of their hosted web content related to the game from the internet.

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Canada’s NDP Party Elects Sikh-Canadian Jagmeet Singh as Leader

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Jagmeet Singh, at a campaign event in Brampton, Ontario in May 2017. (Photo credit: Nathan Denette / Canadian Press)

In a historic vote, the third largest political party in Canada — the social democrat New Democratic Party (NDP) — has elected Sikh-Canadian Jagmeet Singh as its federal party leader, making Singh the nation’s first non-white leader of any major political party.

Singh won 53.8% of the New Democrat vote on Sunday in the first ballot of the NDP Leadership race, far out-performing the other candidates vying for the position. The position of NDP leader was vacated after Singh’s predecessor — former NDP leader Tom Mulcair — lost a leadership review vote at the party’s convention in April.

Hours after winning the NDP leadership vote, Singh declared he was challenging Justin Trudeau to be the next Prime Minister of Canada in 2019.

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Canadian students at Brock University don blackface, win Halloween costume contest

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Students at Canada's Brock University dressed in blackface.
Students at Canada’s Brock University dressed in blackface.

Looks like we’ve already got our first submission for the closing credits of Dear White People 2: Guess You Weren’t Paying Attention The First Time.

Students at Brock University, located in downtown St. Catharines, less than an hour’s drive south of Toronto, decided to go to an on-campus student-organized Halloween party last week as the Jamaican bobsled team from Cool Runnings. They wore Jamaican colours and then three of the four students (who are White) accentuated their costume with honest-to-God-shoepolish-black blackface; the one Black student did not wear makeup.

This isn’t your modern-day wifebeater and gold teeth blackface. This is your I-just-got-done-watching-Birth-Of-A-Nation blackface.

And just went you thought that a group of students in shoepolish-black blackface was where this story was going to end, I’ve got one more thing for ya: these students didn’t just enter a costume contest, they won. 

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Toronto Sun issues lame apology over racist & sexist political cartoon

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Last week, I posted about a seriously ill-advised political cartoon published by the Toronto Sun just a day prior to Toronto’s mayoral election. The cartoon (pictured above) was created by long-time caricature artist Andy Donato, and features NDP candidate Olivia Chow  — who has a lengthy career in Canadian politics — inexplicably garbed in a Communist Chinese uniform (Chow is Chinese Canadian, born in Hong Kong while the city was under British colonial rule) and literally ruding the coattails of her late husband, former NDP leader Jack Layton.

Several Canadian groups and politicians have spoken out against the cartoon. The Toronto Chapter of the Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC) wrote an open letter to the Sun‘s editorial board chastising the paper for failing in its responsibility to “tell stories that will not continue the marginalization of racialized people.” Last Thursday, current NDP leader Tom Mulcair lambasted the cartoon, calling it “an amalgam of everything offensive that you could possibly think of”, and then elaborating that it is a “racist caricature of a Chinese person.” Chow, herself, called the cartoon “disgusting”, and “both racist and sexist” just a day after its publication.

The Sun has now issued a bizarre, half-hearted apology in which they simultaneously defend Donato’s work while acknowledging the offensiveness of the caricature.

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