Justin Lin to direct next “Bourne” installment


Justin Lin, the director famous in Hollywood for resurrecting the Fast & Furious franchise when he helmed the third installment Tokyo Driftis slated to attempt the same rejuvenation with the Bourne franchise.

Jeremy Renner recently starred in the latest Bourne film — The Bourne Legacy — as Aaron Cross, a recruit to the same program that created the Jason Bourne character; that fourth film was set simultaneously to the third installment — The Bourne Ultimatum — starring Matt Damon. Legacy received mixed reviews and performed slightly better than expected earning $46 million in its opening weekend, but this was still significantly less than any of the Bourne films starring Matt Damon, triggering concerns of the franchise’s sustainability with Damon’s decision not to continue appearing in it.

In this context, Universal’s decision to tap Justin Lin as director for the upcoming fifth Bourne film makes total sense.

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