Study Indicates Shifts in Shared Identity of Asian Americans

Illustration of people walking towards a lighted doorway over a superimposed image of the American flag. (Photo credit: DepositPhotos)

Posted By Jenn

In a new survey, Pew Research has found that Asian Americans are evolving in our understandings of identity and shared experience, with evidence that Asian Americans are increasingly more likely to see themselves as a group that is politically isolated from mainstream America.

In the large national study conducted between July 2022 through to July 2023, and covering a period of widespread anti-Asian hate including the aftermath of the Atlanta shooting that killed 8 including 6 Asian/Asian American women, Pew surveyed over 7000 Asian/Asian American adults from the five largest East, Southeast, and South Asian American ethnic groups from all 50 states. The survey was conducted in six languages including Chinese, English, Hindi, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Survey results were augmented by findings from pre-survey focus groups conducted on Asian and Asian American adults to capture the perspectives of other Asian American ethnic groups.

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