CAAAV Calls on AAPI to Post Selfies to #JusticeForAkaiGurley


As readers of this blog no doubt are already aware, the indictment of Chinese American NYPD officer Peter Liang in the shooting death of Akai Gurley has divided the AAPI community. While progressive AAPI are largely in support of Officer Liang’s indictment as necessary accountability in the wake of the suspicious death of an unarmed Black civilian, some Chinese Americans are organizing nationwide rallies to protest what they perceive is the racial “scapegoating” of Officer Liang.

Recently, I was approached by an Asian American ethnic media reporter (who approached me off the record to express his own apprehension at speaking out, and thus whose identity I will protect) who was interested in possibly writing about the pro-Liang rallies. He said: “Anti-indictment people have taken the upper hand in voicing their opinions, and those who disagree with them have been branded as ‘traitors'”.

I was asked how — given this — I was able to write so openly in support of Officer Liang’s indictment.

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