20 years of Angry Little Asian Girls


Today, I found out that Angry Little Asian Girls, or ALAG, a character created by Lela Lee (@LelaLee), has turned 20 years old (check the link for a gallery).

That’s right, ALAG (the Asian American version of Aaron McGruder’s Huey Freeman) — the forever eight-year-old, pig-tailed, stubby-legged, perpetually-pissed-off ALAG — is in her junior year of college. She’s just gotten out of her Introduction to Asian American Studies course, where she no doubt ran up to the front of the lecture hall, Edward Said clutched in one hand, to snatch the chalk from her horrified teaching assistant and rattle off a tirade against How I Met Your Mother between double-fisted middle fingers raised to the White Supremacist powers-that-be. Her rage momentarily quelled, our favourite ALAG powers up her iPod for a quick listen to some old-school Yellow Rage as she makes her way to the multi-racial Feminists of Colour meet-up at the campus student union; there she’ll be leading her fellow Angry Little Girls in an organizational meeting for a take-over of the campus president’s office over renewed demands over intersectional feminist and women’s studies courses. Later, some White dude with an Asian fetish will tell her he’d love to invite her over for some take-out sushi and to show her his manga collection, and she will knock him the fuck out.

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