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BREAKING: O’Reilly Factor’s Executive Producer Will Meet with Asian American Community over Racist Segment

October 11, 2016
Jesse Watters interviews people in NYC's Chinatown during a segment that aired on October 3, 2016. (Photo credit: Fox News)
Jesse Watters interviews people in NYC’s Chinatown during a segment that aired on October 3, 2016. (Photo credit: Fox News)

The Asian American Journalists’ Association just broke the news that The O’Reilly Factor‘s Executive Producer David Tabacoff has agreed to a sit-down meeting with AAJA and other representatives of the Asian American community at the NYC Chinatown’s Museum of Chinese in America.

After the jump is AAJA’s full statement.

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Trump Includes Philippines, Pakistan Among “Terrorist” Nations Whose Immigrants He’d Restrict

August 20, 2016
GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump.
GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump spoke to a rally in Portland, Maine where he repeated one of his most infamous platform positions: that, as president, he would restrict immigration from so-called “terrorist nations” which he has previously said would include Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

On August 6, however, Trump offered an expanded list of “terrorist nations” he would blacklist with regard to new immigrants, adding Morocco, Somalia, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and the Philippines.

While providing this expanded list, Trump reportedly said that refugees from all “terrorist nations” should be banned from entry into the United States.

“We’re dealing with animals,” he said of immigrants from these countries, including Filipino and Pakistani immigrants. Later on the Charlie Rose show, Trump was asked if he would include nations like Belgium or France in his list of “terrorist nations,” given the recent spate of high-profile terrorist attacks; Trump declined to comment.

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AAJA seeking applicants for several scholarships and grants for journalism students!

March 26, 2014


The Asian American Journalists Association is currently seeking applicants for several scholarships and grants aimed at promoting and supporting journalism students. Virtually all of them are due in the next two months, and all of them seem like super-cool opportunities to provide financial aid to in-need students. The funding opportunities are available to students interested in journalism whether in traditional news media outlets or online.

Here’s the list of stuff currently available:

  • CIC/Anna Chennault Scholarship: $5,000 available to graduating high school seniors and college students who are passionate about journalism. This grant pays for educational costs and travel to the 2014 AAJA National Conference in Washington, D.C. The application deadline is May 9, 2014.
  • Mary Quon Moy Ing Memorial Scholarship: Up to $2,000 available to current college students or graduating high school seniors interested in pursuing journalism as a career. The application deadline is May 9, 2014.
  • Stanford Chen Internship Grant: $1,750 available to offset education costs for college juniors, seniors and graduate students in journalism. The application deadline is March 28, 2014.
  • Broadcast News Internship Grants: Two grants are offered to support students and recent graduates who have secured a broadcast news internship for the summer of 2014. The application deadline is April 18, 2014.
  • Print and Online News Internship Grant: $1,000 available to support students and recent graduates who have secured a print or online news internship for the summer of 2014. The application deadline is April 18, 2014.
  • Vincent Chin Memorial Scholarship: $500 available to current student journalists for writing about the legacy of Vincent Chin in essay form. The application deadline is May 9, 2014.
  • Intern for AsAmNews: Earn college credit and valuable experience at AsAmNews. This internship is open until a qualified applicant is selected.

AAJA is paticularly interested in finding applicants for the CIC/Anna Chennault Scholarship, which provides $5000 in support for college, as well as offsets cost of travel to the AAJA national conference.

Check out the AAJA website, and get to applying folks!

High school student contemplating a career as a journalist? Check out AAJA’s J-Camp summer program!

February 21, 2014


Are you a high school student and aspiring journalist — which I promise you is a way cooler and glorious life than that of the part-time hobbyist blogger?

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), the nation’s foremost association for Asian American journalists and writers, has an awesome summer program just for you! J-Camp is a travelling 6-day summer camp that connects high school students with contemporary journalist professionals to foster more journalists of colour in the otherwise traditionally White male-dominated news industry. J-Camp is also all-expenses paid, including lodging, travel and meals summer camp!

Here’s more:

JCamp’s goal is to develop the next generation of journalists. This six-day training camp brings together a multicultural group of high school students from across the nation to sharpen their journalism skills and work together in a unique learning environment. The curriculum consists of interactive workshops, hands-on training and field trips.

The selected students demonstrate a keen interest in broadcasting, newspaper, magazine, photojournalism or online media. This program is not limited to Asian American students and is open to all high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors. There is no fee to apply and all costs are covered  — including airfare, lodging and meals. Students stay in university housing during the camp week.

JCamp strives to ensure excellence in the profession for decades to come by confronting the lack of diversity in journalism, not just in race but in factors including socioeconomics, geography and religion. With diverse media teams, future readers, viewers and listeners will get different views on government, human interest, entertainment, recreation, science, medicine, national and international news.

This year’s J-Camp will be held at Emerson College in Boston, MA. Applicants are in their freshman, sophomore, or junior year of high school, and the program is open to kids of all races and ethnicities! Applications are due March 16, 2014!

Here’s the website for the full information including the application process, but I’ll tell you that if I were still 16 years old, I would totally want to do this!