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Reappropriate is the web’s longest-running and one of its most widely-read AAPI race and feminism blogs, with a readership of nearly 100,000 views per month. Although Reappropriate is primarily a personal blog, I am committed to providing space for emerging AAPI writers (and/or writers writing about issues of relevance to the AAPI and/or feminist community) to express themselves on a larger platform.

Submitted writing should:

  • Focus on a topic that aligns with the general interests  of Reappropriate and its readers (i.e. issues of race, gender, politics and pop culture).
  • Include hyperlinks to references, as appropriate. The blog can also handle footnotes, but hyperlinks to referenced sources are preferable.
  • Fall within a range of 500 – 3000 words. This is an intentionally broad word limit, and should accommodate the word limit comfort of most individual writers and their chosen topics. Longer pieces may also be accepted on a case-by-case basis. For reference, most of my own posts are 1500-2000 words.

Style Notes:

  • This site does not use a hyphenated form of Asian American under any context. This site encourages precise usage of terminology: use “Asian American” (not AAPI) when you mean to refer only to  the Asian American community. If you are referring only to Asian American ethnic subgroups, be more specific with your terminology there, too.
  • This site supports footnotes, and encourages their use where appropriate. However, for routine citations, please format your document to incorporate in-text hyperlinks to make for easier publication and online reading.
  • If your post relies upon a lot of hyperlinks and/or text formatting, I encourage you to separately email me an attached Word document or a cloud-hosted shared Word or Docs document.

If you are interested in contributing to this blog or if you have more questions about writing guidelines, please fill out this form or contact me directly by email.

All submitted and accepted writing fully remains the property of the writer, even after publication. Accepted pieces may undergo an editing process for typographical errors, writing clarity, and formatting to facilitate publication on this blog.

Acceptance and publication of a piece of writing does not necessarily mean I condone or endorse the content of that published work, and guest writing is not necessarily representative of the viewpoints of Reappropriate.