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  • Hey what’s up Reappropriate,

    David Fung from here.

    I’m a big fan of the site, particularly the name and angle.

    I recently wrote this article: Top Ten Asian Comedians of All Time


    List went:

    10. Jo Koy
    9. Kal Penn
    8. Rex Navarette
    7. Dat Phan
    6. Bobby Lee
    5. Aziz Ansari
    4. Ken Jeong
    3. Henry Cho
    2. Russell Peters
    1. Margaret Cho

    If you like it, I’d really appreciate a link back on the blog, or even a re-post.

    Anyway, let me know what you think.


    David Fung
    Twitter: davidbfung

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  • Eric La Nguyen

    Hey, Just stopping by and wanted to say hi, stumbled on this blog because of your lastest post. Loved it, also went through your past posts. Good stuff, a very nice alternative to other blogs. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for your comments Eric! Much appreciated!

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  • Hi Cooper, thank you for sharing this link and for reading!

  • I would like to submit one of my blogpost’s for your blog so that the Indian Women Revolution Movement(IWRM) gains a wider audience as it aimes at empowering women and fighting for them to be treated as humans. Lately,there has been a horrendous increase in the crimes against women in India especially rape, dowry deaths and female foeticide and something has to be done to urgently put a stop to this.With your help and support ,IWRM can become a tool for this much needed change.

  • Akira Hojo

    Hi Jenn, I stumbled upon ur site while looking at reviews on Edge of Tomorrow’s time travel theory. Yours is an intriguing theory btw.

    Since you made a few of comments on the depictions of Asian Americans on Hollywood cinema, I’m wondering about what you think of the Harold & Kumar films, as well as strange characterisations of Asian characters in movies like the The Hangover.


  • Hi Akira, thanks for the question!

    I don’t mind the first H&K film: it jumpstarted the careers of two prominent AAPI actors and did so while challenging the stereotypes of the Asian American model minority. I haven’t seen the other films in the series though so I can’t comment on them; I think there may have been some politically or racially problematic humour in the others?

    I can’t STAND Ken Jeong, particularly in the Hangover films. Frankly, I think he plays the racial minstrel with that character in the series. I didn’t see the middle film in the trilogy entirely because I was afraid of what would happen when they set those films with that character in an Asian country.

  • Guest

    Thought youd be interested to know that SyFy is doing a story on the Suey Park #cancelcolbert incident with Suey herself as a guest.

    Here is the site page trailer:

  • Skeet Duran

    That’s terrible what happened to her, the internet is full of hypocrite bully thugs, what was supposed to be a lighthearted hashtag ended up with the PC bully thugs took it way too seriously and way too far into real life to assassinate her. The right wing bullies wanted to protect Colbert for his free speech, well the #CancelColbert that Suey started was also a free speech, yet these thugs couldn’t handle it and wanted to silence her and attempted to kill her. There are thousands of ‘cancel’ something hashtags on twitter which were created with free speech, typical double standards from right wing PC bully thugs.

    I see Arthur Chu at minute 3:39 in that video, Arthur explained in depth about why the #CancelColbert was not a good idea in his latest article about Chris Rock, it’s a long good piece with lots of depth and layers. He started off explaining the various sides of racial jokes, the meta side versus the face-value side, but in the end he condemned all stereotypes. A snippet from the article.

    “Playing into the idea that differing degrees of severity of racism mean that some are “OK” or “acceptable” ends up enabling those people who are looking for their racism hall pass. The white dude who’s deeply internalized the “rules” that you can’t say the N-word or wear blackface on Halloween but who picks up the message that “playing with” anti-Asian stereotypes is on some level “more OK”—that guy isn’t coming from any complex understanding of racial hierarchies, he’s just checking to see what he can get away with. And if he comes to understand that sometimes you can get away with being shitty to Asian people he’ll find ways to low-key “play with” anti-black stereotypes that just aren’t as obvious as saying the N-word or wearing blackface. (I would argue that Ali G falls into this category.)”

  • Skeet Duran

    After 6 years this list has changed

    15. Jo Koy
    14. Dat Phan
    13. Rex Navarette
    12. JusReign
    11. KT Tatara
    10. Aziz Ansari
    9. Ken Jeong
    8. Randall Park
    7. Constance Wu
    6. Henry Cho
    5. Russell Peters
    4. Eliot Chang
    3. Timothy Delaghetto
    2. Margaret Cho
    1. David So

  • Guest

    Yeah I felt bad for her. What kinda shocked me (it shouldn’t cause there are always people who will always bend to the dominate group despite the fact that its hurting the group they belong to.) was that I saw a few Asians defending what Colbert said and attacking her as well. An article that was written (I forgot who wrote it but the writers were Korean American) excusing Colbert’s racist joke as “satire”. But as Suey and many others have noted he could have made his point without tossing Asians under the bus. Another article on Salon article was written by another Asian that tried to make her look crazy. I also saw a petition on asking people to denounce Ms. Park for speaking up for the Asian community. Man, it was crazy.

    Thanks for the Arthur Chu link. Dude always have good insight on racial matters. Ill definitely check it out.