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  • David Fung

    Hey what’s up Reappropriate,

    David Fung from here.

    I’m a big fan of the site, particularly the name and angle.

    I recently wrote this article: Top Ten Asian Comedians of All Time


    List went:

    10. Jo Koy
    9. Kal Penn
    8. Rex Navarette
    7. Dat Phan
    6. Bobby Lee
    5. Aziz Ansari
    4. Ken Jeong
    3. Henry Cho
    2. Russell Peters
    1. Margaret Cho

    If you like it, I’d really appreciate a link back on the blog, or even a re-post.

    Anyway, let me know what you think.


    David Fung
    Twitter: davidbfung

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  • Eric La Nguyen

    Hey, Just stopping by and wanted to say hi, stumbled on this blog because of your lastest post. Loved it, also went through your past posts. Good stuff, a very nice alternative to other blogs. Keep up the good work!

  • Jenn

    Thanks for your comments Eric! Much appreciated!

  • Cooper Brimm

    Good day!

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    Cooper Brimm
    American Immigration Center.

  • Jenn

    Hi Cooper, thank you for sharing this link and for reading!

  • imanksingh

    I would like to submit one of my blogpost’s for your blog so that the Indian Women Revolution Movement(IWRM) gains a wider audience as it aimes at empowering women and fighting for them to be treated as humans. Lately,there has been a horrendous increase in the crimes against women in India especially rape, dowry deaths and female foeticide and something has to be done to urgently put a stop to this.With your help and support ,IWRM can become a tool for this much needed change.

  • Akira Hojo

    Hi Jenn, I stumbled upon ur site while looking at reviews on Edge of Tomorrow’s time travel theory. Yours is an intriguing theory btw.

    Since you made a few of comments on the depictions of Asian Americans on Hollywood cinema, I’m wondering about what you think of the Harold & Kumar films, as well as strange characterisations of Asian characters in movies like the The Hangover.


  • Jenn

    Hi Akira, thanks for the question!

    I don’t mind the first H&K film: it jumpstarted the careers of two prominent AAPI actors and did so while challenging the stereotypes of the Asian American model minority. I haven’t seen the other films in the series though so I can’t comment on them; I think there may have been some politically or racially problematic humour in the others?

    I can’t STAND Ken Jeong, particularly in the Hangover films. Frankly, I think he plays the racial minstrel with that character in the series. I didn’t see the middle film in the trilogy entirely because I was afraid of what would happen when they set those films with that character in an Asian country.