Pardon my dust…

If you click on the site and see a very random looking layout, that’s because I’m currently working on a new theme, and am finding the “Preview” option in WordPress unwieldy. I will turn the old theme back on when I’m done.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Update: Done for the day. Will continue tomorrow.

“Like” Information Reset

I installed a Facebook “like” button on posts a week or two ago. I noticed today that the plugin was throwing an error when I updated it. I think I’ve managed¬†to get it working again, but it has lost all of the previous “like” information on earlier posts. My apologies — please re-like any posts that you liked before, so that we can retrieve the lost information.

The English in that last paragraph is terrifying because it seems incorrect, yet it makes absurd, post-millennial sense.

Helping Facebook Take Over the World

I’ve added a “Like” button to each blog post that will allow you to “like” posts, just like you can on Facebook. Try clicking it. You know you want to…


The site has been migrated to a dedicated server and you are once again free to post comments.

If you posted a comment this weekend, your comment may have been lost during the migration. Please re-post.

Apologies for any inconvenience!

Share Reappropriate!

At the behest of electroman, I have installed Sociable, a WordPress plugin that adds sharing options to each post. You should now see below each post a little icon allowing you to share each item by email, over Twitter, and on Facebook. I’ve also included and StumbleUpon, which I think are fairly popular services.

However, please let me know if you want to add sharing to another social networking site or service, such as Mixx or MySpace. I’m happy to add those functions if they are also being used by you guys. Sociable has a long list of services it supports, which can be checked on its website.