12 years of Reappropriate | #AAPI #Feminism

Nico Minoru-themed layout, 2006-2007.
Initial planning code for Nico Minoru-themed layout, launched Sept 18, 2006.

Today is the final day of AAPI Heritage Month for 2014, and after a great month of celebration and education, I thought I’d take a minute to reflect: as of this year, Reappropriate will have been online (in some form or fashion) for 12 years.

It’s incredible to think about how long this site has been with me. For nearly one-third of my life, Reappropriate has been a part of it. This blog been a source of incredible inspiration, and also at times of profound frustration. 12 years after I launched Reappropriate, I have the opportunity today to stand back and wonder: was it worth it?

I think so. I hope so.

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Whoa – new layout?

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that this is a new layout I am rolling out. There are a few changes left to make that are better done not in the live preview mode of WordPress, so please bear with me.

The site is live and functional, but some things may be a little ugly until I get everything sorted out. Thanks for your patience!


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Better Social Media Integration (and a New G+ Account)

This blog had been previously using the Sociable WP plugin to power its social media integration. However, I wasn’t too happy with this plugin’s general lack of customization, and what seemed like a crazy long load time. So, I spent some time over lunch today writing a manual integration of Twitter, Facebook and GPlus for this blog.

In summary, you should now have an easier time sharing Reappropriate posts through your favourite social media sites. If you have any issues, please let me know.

Also, because I needed to test Google+ integration, I got a Google+ account for this blog: gplus.to/reappropriate. Please add me if you happen to also be on the site.

Facebook Share Button Currently Non-Functional

So, apparently as of today, Facebook eliminated support for third-party share buttons, at least in such a way as was being used by this site. For the moment, I have deactivated share functionality on the blog, and am searching for a new way to reintegrate Facebook with this site. If anyone out there is familiar with how to do this, please shoot me a tweet or an email.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Update: Okay, so it turns out that I was using the old “Share” button and that Facebook is forcing us to transition to the unrolled “Like” button that was released awhile back. I hadn’t wanted to switch because liking eliminates the ability to make a comment on your FB page as you share it with friends but… well… it’s impossible to use the “Share” button now so we’re all stuck with “Like”.

I’ve replaced the existing social media options on the blog with Sociable, which has Facebook, Twitter and G+. Please let me know if you want me to add any other sharing options to the site; I’m happy to do it. Please let me know if you have any problems getting anything to work. I’ve tested both the Facebook and Twitter buttons, and they seem to be functional.

Welcome to Reappropriate v 2.0 (or Why I Stopped Blogging and Why I’m Starting Again)

So, there was a time when I blogged on an almost daily basis. There was a time when Reappropriate was a relatively well-read (and well-linked) blog in the Asian American and feminist blogosphere. There was a time when “blogger” was part of my self-identity.

And then, I stopped blogging.

There wasn’t a specific reason why I stopped blogging, but about a million reasons contributed to it. There wasn’t a conscious decision to write. I didn’t get mired in a blogosphere battlezone that left me shocked and stunned, too jaded with the Internet to continue writing.

I just stopped.

And that’s when I realized something: I felt free. It turns out that blogging had stopped being fun long before I had stopped writing. I had felt trapped by my blog, by the pressure to be “responsive”, adequately “expository”, and sufficiently “progressive”. I was writing as a service for a community I cared about, because I felt needed, and somewhere in the mix I stopped having fun doing it.

Thankfully, a year away from this blog helped me realize a couple of things:

  1. No one needs me to write. Yes, I realize it’s incredibly egotistical to feel like you were needed, and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I succumbed to this hubris. But, I did. I felt like if I stopped writing, that my voice would be missed in the Asian American blogosphere, and so I had to keep on writing. Y’know what? It wasn’t. Oh, I had some regular readers asking what had happened to me when I suddenly disappeared from my blog one day, but for the most part, the world kept on spinning, Asian Americans continued to make headlines, and the Internets did not implode. Surprisingly, this has done a lot to help convince me that I can come back to blogging, but on my own terms.
  2. I miss writing. Writing helps me process my thoughts, develop my opinions, and stay engaged in the world. Over the last few months, I’ve found that I missed keeping a blog. In particular, I’ve missed having a small space of the Internet that I can call my own, and I even just missed having a server I could post stuff on to share with others.

All of this has led me to my final realization: it’s time to re-start my blog. But I’m restarting it with a few different caveats.

First of all, I promise to write for the right reasons. I will be writing because I have something to say, not under the misguided notion that someone needs to hear from me (‘cuz, really, no one does). I’ll also spend less time on this blog by writing shorter posts — this decision is based purely on the fact that I have much less free time these days than I did in the past, so I can’t really invest the 2+ hours it used to take me to write some of my posts of yesteryear.

Secondly, I’m going to shift the focus of this blog somewhat. Asian American politics, feminism, current events — these topics still interest me and will remain a primary topic for this blog. But, I’m also interested in fitness, science, movies, pop culture, LOLcats, and my every day life. I used to avoid putting these topics on my blog, because my Asian American feminism niche was so well-carved out, and also because I tried to put a solid barricade between my personal life and my online life. Well, there are plenty of Asian American feminist blogs out there on the Internet these days; so, I think it’ll be okay for this cyberspace to be more reflective of me and my interests. Also, in my personal life, I’ve made efforts over the last year to stop compartmentalizing my life, and in the spirit of that journey, this blog must also transcend those disparate interests.

Finally, I’m going to focus less of my attention on readership metrics. At one point, I spent a lot of time cross-posting and promoting my blog, and I did end up with some pretty noticeable success. I wanted to raise my blog’s profile, to take advantage of social media advertising, etc. However, it took a lot of time, and energy, to worry about those kinds of things. I just don’t have the time or energy for that kind of stuff these days.

So, long story short, Reappropriate is back (now at a new URL because some assholes took Reappropriate.com!). Guess we’ll see what happens next.