Call for Pitches: Asian America x LGBTQIA+

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How does Asian American identity shape or complicate queer identity? Why is the intersection of LGBTQIA+ identity with the Asian American community so often overlooked? How do we find common language to talk about gender and sexuality across the distinct cultural contexts that make up the Asian diasporic experience?

Reappropriate is excited to solicit pitches for short- or long-form personal essays on the topic of Asian American x LGBTQIA+ identity. Experienced or novice essay writers are encouraged to submit a brief pitch or full-length draft here.  

Created in 2002, Reappropriate is one of the web’s oldest and most popular Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) race advocacy and feminism blogs. The blog’s writing focuses on race, gender, identity, Asian American history, and current events.

Frankie Huang Joins Reappropriate as Co-Editor

Reappropriate is delighted and honored to welcome Frankie Huang as our new Co-Editor. Frankie is a Chinese American culture writer, editor, and illustrator whose work focuses on culture, identity and society from the dual outsider/insider perspective of an immigrant, and through the lens of intersectional feminism. 

Frankie has extensive experience both as a freelance writer and as the previous deputy editor-in-chief of JoySauce, where she edited reported features, cultural criticism, personal essays, and opinion pieces that interrogate the world and popular culture from the points of view of marginalized identities. Frankie’s work has appeared in numerous outlets, including The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, Vulture, and McSweeney’s, as well as at Reappropriate. Frankie has also appeared on numerous podcasts and radio shows including Culturally Relevant with David Chen, Model Majority Podcast, They Call Us Bruce and The Takeaway. 

Frankie is dedicated to mentoring new writers and helping them find their flow and their voice. We are excited to have Frankie’s vision, energy, and passion join our team here at Reappropriate, and we hope you will stay tuned as we pursue exciting new initiatives.

Yes, I Took The Domain Back!

An old Reappropriate theme from 2006-2007, when Reappropriate was originally at

Readers of this blog might have noticed that Reappropriate has a rather unusual URL. Specifically, my domain is, which uses the relatively obscure .co top-level domain compared to the much more prevalent .com domains.

Long-time readers of Reappropriate — and by that I mean folks who have been reading this blog prior to 2012 — might remember that Reappropriate used to be found at

I had researched the domain extensively — checking to see if it overlapped with any other domain names or existing brands — and I had even agonized over whether I wanted a .com or a .org URL. When I finally made my decision, I registered in the early-2000’s. I transferred the blog from its blogspot hosting, and I ended up maintaining this blog for nearly a decade at

But then, grad school happened. Or specifically, my dissertation defense happened.

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[FIXED] Reappropriate Email Temporarily Not Working; Please Use Contact Form

After a behind-the-scenes server migration, my jenn [at] reappropriate [dot] co email is currently not functioning. You can continue to contact me through this form.

I will update this post when my email is once again functioning.

Update: My jenn [at] reappropriate [dot] co email is now functioning again. Thanks for your patience!

The Day Reappropriate Broke


I just want to give a quick note to explain what happened today.

Sometime around midnight last night, a post that I wrote ten months ago about the police brutality case of Kang Wong — an 84 year old man who was beaten bloody by New York City police for jaywalking — went viral. And, I mean viral. I mean like it was viewed more more in a single 12 hour period than the number of visitors I typically get in a month.

Which is great!

Except that it cause my shared server to stall, my (former) hosting service to suspend my website (which I understand), and me to tear my hair out in frustration.

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