Join me tomorrow for new podcast episode on online harassment vs free speech!

People are still receiving death threats in relation to GamerGate, and even non-profit charities are not immune to receiving them.
People are still receiving death threats in relation to GamerGate, and even non-profit charities are not immune to receiving them.

In my last podcast episode, I suggested that we would be taking a break from the show until the new year. But, earlier last month, the Supreme Court began hearing a case with massive implications for those of us who operate online: SCOTUS is considering Elonis v. United States, which might fundamentally redefine what we consider to be threats when delivered in the online medium.

Rape and death threats are an increasingly problematic concern for online writers, particularly those of us who are women of colour. Twitter activist Suey Park famously drew attention to the deluge of heinous rape and death threats — many of them racist as well as misogynistic in nature — sent to her in the wake of the #CancelColbert campaign. A number of female video game developers and critics, such as Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian, were also targeted by rape and death threats by supporters of #GamerGate that they were forced to flee their homes or cancel speaking engagements.

Last year, Nancy Leong (@nancyleong, wrote my favourite series on the problem of online harassment for feminist writers in the online world; the four posts are aggregated in the first paragraph of this post on Feminist Law Professors.

Tomorrow, I have asked Nancy — who is a constitutional law professor when she’s not filing the internet with incredibly insightful writing — to join me for Episode 12 of Reappropriate: The Podcast which will tackle the topic of online harassment vs. free speech. We will talk about the Elonis Supreme Court case, and also about dealing with online harassment as a feminist writer of colour.

The episode will record live tomorrow, December 8th at 9pm EST. Please join us and/or send questions or comments on this topic through Twitter to @reappropriate!

Reappropriate: The Podcast – Ep. 11 | Horizontal Allyship

What does it really mean to be an ally? Is the language and debate that we’re using right now on solidarity and allyship too hyper-focused on White/non-White power dynamics? I invite on awesome Asian American Dawn Lee Tu (@dawnleetu) to discuss the concept of “horizontal allyship”, a term that Dawn coined to address the specific ally relationship between different marginalized communities, which may differ from conventional social justice allyship.

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Next episode: The podcast is on hold until 2015, since the holidays are kind of a rough time to schedule guests. We may have one more episode between now and the new year, but it is unscheduled and unplanned at the moment. So, please stay tuned to this blog for an announcement of the next episode.

Audio only version of Episode 10:

Reappropriate: The Podcast – Ep. 10 | Mismatch Theory

This episode was recorded two weeks ago but for a variety of reasons I didn’t have time to publish it! This is episode 10 of Reappropriate: The Podcast, and it features guest Snoopy Jenkins (@snoopyjenkins) and I tackling the problems with the oft-cited pseudo-scientific theory of college mismatch.

You can view the podcast above or listen to the audio only version at the bottom of this post. To subscribe to Reappropriate: The Podcast, you can subscribe on YouTube or through the iTunes store.

In the episode, we mention that we will be writing more on the subject of Mismatch Theory to accompany this podcast episode. Please check back on this blog over the next few weeks to see those posts when they are published.

Check back later today for episode 11 of Reappropriate: The Podcast!

Reappropriate: The Podcast – Ep. 9 | TOPIC: Gaming While Girl

In this episode of Reappropriate: The Podcast, I am joined by the Ladies of the Roundtable (, @LadiesRdTable) podcast — Carmen (@AskShrivasta), Nikki (@StarCitizenAA) and Pixxy (@MonsterMashP) to talk about feminism and female identity in the gamer and geek community; and, of course, #GamerGate (after the jump is a brief rundown of the latest developments in this hashtag).

You can check out the episode by streaming through YouTube above or downloading or playing the audio only version after the jump at the bottom of the post. For more episodes, you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel or subscribe to this podcast in the iTunes Store.

Next episode: James (@SnoopyJenkins) joins me once again, this time to discuss affirmative action and the now infamous Mismatch Theory used by conservatives to argue against the benefits of race-conscious college admissions policies for underrepresented minority students. We endeavour to answer the question: “Is Mismatch Theory just wrong, or both wrong and racist?” Tune in October 27th at 9pm EST to watch!

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Reappropriate: The Podcast – Ep. 8 | Twitter Activism as a Decolonial Project

The newest episode of Reappropriate: The Podcast is now available, and it’s one of my favourite episodes yet! In this episode, guest Cayden Mak (@cayden, is back for another discussion on digital activism. In this episode, we specifically tackle the power and peril of Twitter as a tool for social change, and we discuss whether or not the use of Twitter could or should be considered radical and decolonial.

You can view the episode by streaming it through YouTube above or by listening or downloading the audio only version using the mp3 player at the bottom of the post. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel or subscribe to the podcast in the iTunes Store.

Next episode: I’m excited to announce a joint podcast between myself and the podcasters of the Ladies of the Round Table (@LadiesADRadio), recording next week on October 13, 9pm EST / 6pm PST! We will be talking about feminism, sexism and nerd/gamer culture so please RSVP now!