Representative-Elect Tulsi Gabbard, first Hindu American Congressperson, will be sworn in over Bhagavad Gita

Tulsi Gabbard is the first Hindu American to be elected to Congress.

On the historic Election Night of 2012, Hawaii elected Tulsi Gabbard to represent Hawaii’s second Congressional district, making Gabbard the first Hindu-American Representative in American history. In a powerful statement in favour of America’s religious diversity, Gabbard made history that night and joined Senator-Elect Mazie Hirono (also out of Hawaii, and whose vacated House seat Gabbard is filling), the first Asian American woman and the first Buddhist elected to Congress.

Again underscoring the impact of America’s growing diversity, Gabbard will take her oath of office on the Bhagavad Gita, an important spiritual text in the Hindu faith, reports Jezebel. The Huffington Post reports that Gabbard cites the following as her favourite passages out of the Bhagavad Gita:

— “That which pervades the entire body you should know to be indestructible. No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul.” (2:17)
— “The soul can never be cut into pieces by any weapon, nor can he be burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind.”(2.23)

One can only marvel at how Gabbard’s decision stands in stark contrast to the Republican Party’s post-Election lamenting over the changing face of America, wherein they are both surprised and dismayed to find that Brown people 1) exist, and 2) have a vote. To wit, Bill O’Reilly:


One can only hope that America continues to evolve in its understanding that not every American is a White Christian man. And, Gabbard’s choice to be sworn in over the Bhagavad Gita only serves to strengthen that message.

Daniel Dae Kim Hosts GOTV Contest; Is the Coolest Celebrity on the Planet

Daniel Dae Kim is the coolest celebrity on the planet.

If ever you needed proof that Daniel Dae Kim, of Lost and Hawaii 5-0 fame, is the coolest celebrity on the planet, here’s the skinny on a Get Out the Vote contest he’s hosting for his Twitter followers:

Hi folks-

In an effort to encourage all of us to vote I thought I might do more than your usual PSA or well meaning-tweet. I’ve decided to hold a little online contest where the winner will get to spend some time here in paradise and visit the set of Hawaii Five-0.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

1. GO OUT AND VOTE! It doesn’t matter whether it’s early voting, absentee voting, or the old fashioned go-to-the-polls kind. It doesn’t even matter who you vote for. Just get out there and do your thing.

2. Show me proof. Take a picture of yourself at the polling station, or with your postage ready absentee ballot – something to show me that you did your part to shape the future of our country. Then ATTACH THE PHOTO TO A TWEET AND SEND IT TO ME WITH THE HASHTAG: #iVoted

3. Wait until November 9, when I will go through the submissions FROM THOSE WHO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER and announce the winner!

How will I choose the winner?

I will copy all of the tweets from followers who attached their photo along with the hashtag #iVoted and store them starting today, so early voters get just as much of a chance as those who vote on November 6th. In fact, voting early will probably help you get noticed and counted since so many more of us will be voting on Election Day.

The more definitively you can show me you voted, the better your chance of winning. If it’s kind of questionable based on the pic, I may not count you in for the final round. On the other hand, if you take the time to show me a little flair or creativity with your post or photo, it may not guarantee you’ll win, but it will definitely help you catch my eye and get put into that final selection group. From there, I’ll pool all the eligible submissions and choose someone randomly.

Once chosen, the winner will be personally contacted by me on twitter, and we’ll start making travel plans!
I’ll fly you and a guest to Honolulu from wherever you live in the CONTINENTAL US, ALASKA or even HAWAII (in case you don’t live on Oahu :).

You and your guest will stay at the Modern Hotel in Waikiki (courtesy of me and the good folks there), where you’ll stay for 3 nights. All travel should be complete by the end of February 2013.

On one of those days you’ll also get to visit the set of Hawaii Five-0 as my guest and watch us shoot.

That’s it! Now I’m kinda new at this whole contest thing, so I don’t know all the legal mumbo jumbo, but hopefully everyone who participates will do it in good faith just like I am. Feel free to retweet this link to all your friends, but be sure to tell them that if they want to participate, they must follow my account so I can be in touch with the winner.

*Finally, as a little added BONUS, on Election Day I’ll go online to hold a live tweet session (I’ll let you know the time later) with all those who entered, just to say thanks for doing your part.

Thanks so much for reading this very long post, and thanks even more for voting. In the election of 2000, a difference of only 536 votes decided the presidency of the United States. Your vote CAN make a difference. Let’s make it count.

Good luck!

Getting to participate in the American Democratic process and getting the chance to hang out with the super-awesome (and need-I-say-it genuinely good-lookin’) Daniel Dae Kim and castmates on the beaches of Hawaii? I am so bummed I’m Canadian.

Why be one of the #170in7?

Cross-posted from JookTime (go here for more information about 2 year old Jeremy Kong’s search for a perfect bone marrow donor match, and join the #170in7 campaign)


1% = Chinese donors in the bone marrow registry

7% = Asian donors in the bone marrow registry

0 = matches found for Jeremy Kong so far


In memory of Janet Liang

Network of Asian American sites are hosting a cyberdrive


7 days to get 170 new bone marrow donors registered

Be one of the #170in7 today!

#170in7: Only 24 hours in and already nearly 10% of our donor goal reached!

The #170in7 bone marrow cyberdrive in memory of Janet Liang has only been live for a little over 24 hours, and already we’ve seen an incredible response from the community. As of late Tuesday and early Wednesday morning, we had still more sites partner up to help spread the word — bigWOWO, Kimchi Mamas, and Remembering Vincent Chin.

And on top of that, as of yesterday, we’ve already hit nearly 10% of our donor goal!

Help save a life today and be one of the 170 in 7. Registration is free for the donor, convenient and secure. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the link: Fill out the forms to request a free, do-it-yourself cheek swab kit.
  2. Tweet about it using #170in7 to be counted!  Click the button to send a Tweet to your followers: Tweet 

    If you don’t have a Twitter account, send an email to jenn [at] reappropriate [dot] co to be counted!

For more info, check out this post.

If you’re already registered, please help spread the word by tweeting with #170in7!

Here’s a list of latest #170in7 posts from around the blogosphere:

Tuesday’s Posts (Sept 18):

Wednesday’s Posts (Sept 19):

Be one of the 170 in 7 today! a bone marrow cyberdrive in memory of Janet Liang


Janet Liang, a vibrant 25 year old UCLA graduate and a leukemia patient who spent years championing leukemia awareness and Asian American bone marrow registration, passed away last week. In Janet’s memory, this site is partnering with a network of other prominent Asian American sites to host 170 in 7: A Bone Marrow Cyberdrive in Memory of Janet Liang.


Leukemia is a type of blood cancer and the most common cancer to affect children and young teens. Treatment to save a leukemia patient’s life often requires a bone marrow transplant from a “perfect match” donor – a donor whose blood matches a recipient’s blood for 10 separate genetic markers.

Unfortunately, Asian American and other non-White leukemia patients are much less likely to find a “perfect match” donor than White leukemia patients. This is because Asian Americans and other minorities are significantly underrepresented in Be The Match, the national bone marrow registry used to search for and match potential bone marrow donors with recipients.

Janet made it her mission to register Asian American bone marrow donors, and thanks in part to her efforts, at least 18 bone marrow matches were made to recipients nationwide. However, last week, Janet passed away without finding a perfect match for herself. Today, many other Asian American leukemia patients are still waiting to find their perfect match, like 2-year-old Jeremy who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. To celebrate Janet’s life and her legacy, we want to register 170 new potential bone marrow donors in Janet’s name in just 7 days.

Be one of the 170 in 7:

Registration is free for the donor, convenient and secure. Here’s how to be one of the 170 in 7:

  1. Click on the link: Fill out the forms to request a free, do-it-yourself cheek swab kit.
  2. Tweet about it using #170in7 to be counted!  Click the button to send a Tweet to your followers: If you don’t have a Twitter account, send an email to jenn [at] reappropriate [dot] co to be counted!

And that’s it! Less than ten minutes of your time can help you save a life!

Donor FAQ

In about one month, a cheek swab kit will be sent to you in the mail, along with instructions and a pre-paid return envelope. Follow the instructions to swab your cheeks and return the kit. If you are matched (only 1 in 540 registered donors are ever matched), you will then be contacted and asked if you would like to donate your bone marrow. Registering is not a commitment that you must donate; it is only to help match recipients with potential donors.

Most donors are never matched. But if you are matched and if you do choose to donate your bone marrow, that donation is likely to save a young person’s life.

Other Ways to Help Out: Donate to AADP and/or to the Liang family

Donor registration is free for the donor because AADP and other non-profit organizations cover the costs of donor registration through charitable donations. If you are unable to register as a bone marrow donor, please donate to AADP to help fund registration costs for other donors, or to the Liang family (PayPal account using as the recipient, or checks payable to “Janet Liang” sent to PO box 1526, Pleasanton CA 94566).

Other Ways to Help Out: Spread the Word

If you are already registered, please help spread the word about the 170 in 7 bone marrow cyberdrive through Twitter and Facebook. If you would like to join your site to this partnership or if you would like more information about the 170 in 7 bone marrow cyberdrive, please go here.


170 in 7 is a partnership between the following: 8AsiansAARisingsAngry Asian ManAsia Pacific Arts, Asian American Donor Program (AADP), bigWOWOChannelAPA, Cheekswab.orgDisgrasianFrances Kai-Hwa WangJeff Yang (columnist, Wall Street Journal Online), Jook Time, JozJozJozKimchi Mamas, RacebendingReappropriate, Remembering Vincent ChinRice DaddiesSchema Magazine, V3Con, and a special partnership with Team Janet and Jeremy Needs You.

To add your site to the list, please go here.


About the Drive

170 in 7 will be running from September 17, 2012 to September 24, 2012. Our goal is to register 170 new potential bone marrow donors in 7 days in memory of Janet Liang.

To Partner

We would love to add more partners to this week-long bone marrow donor cyberdrive. To join, please contact Jenn for more information.

To Spread the Word

Please Tweet about the campaign using the hashtag #170in7. The following buttons and banners are available for use with this campaign: 150 px, 168px200 px, 500 px.

Please return to this post for aggregated and updated information on the campaign.


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