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Please take 2 minutes to save the Affordable Care Act

November 20, 2016
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., listens as Treasury Secretary Jack Lew defends President Barack Obama's new budget proposals, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015. Rep. Ryan, who agrees with Obama on extending the earned income tax credit to more workers without children, says he hopes that lawmakers and the administration could agree on ways to finance expanding the EITC. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., listens as Treasury Secretary Jack Lew defends President Barack Obama’s new budget proposals, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015. (Photo credit: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The Affordable Care Act — a hallmark legislation of the Obama administration’s legacy — helped give provide healthcare coverage for over 20 million Americans. The ACA has given access for 4.3 million AAPI to access preventative care, and has helped tens of thousands of AAPI who had been denied healthcare due to a preexisting condition get coverage. Over a hundred thousand uninsured AAPI youth now are covered by their parents’ plan, and 2.5 million AAPI women now have coverage for women’s health services.

The Affordable Care Act has been an unqualified boon for American public health. And yet, Congressional Republicans are eyeing the recent presidential election of Donald Trump as an opportunity to gut the program.

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Fox News’ Jesse Watters Should Be Held Accountable for Racist Segment

October 6, 2016
Jesse Watters interviews people in NYC's Chinatown during a segment that aired on October 3, 2016. (Photo credit: Fox News)
Jesse Watters interviews people in NYC’s Chinatown during a segment that aired on October 3, 2016. (Photo credit: Fox News)

After news broke yesterday of Fox News’ airing of one of the most breathtakingly racist anti-Asian network news segments in recent memory, several AAPI advocacy groups have spoken out against the video — which aired during Tuesday night’s O’Reilly Factor episode — and its creator, Jesse Watters. The Asian American Journalists’ Association issued a statement said the segment was “rife with stereotypes.”

“It is not ‘all in good fun’ to perpetuate racist stereotypes about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and it certainly is not ‘gentle fun’ to target or mock people who are not fluent in English. No person should be used as a prop in such a heartless manner,” said the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans.

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Please help support Angry Asian Man (and get a cool t-shirt)!

March 2, 2016


The godfather of the AAPI blogosphere — Angry Asian Man — needs your help! Phil Yu, founder and editor of Angry Asian Man, is running a month-long fundraising drive in celebration of 15 years since the blog’s founding.

AAM is the cornerstone of the AAPI online community, whether serving as a source of community, kinship, or leadership. Originally started as a side project, AAM has become a full-time job for Phil — and believe me, running a blog is neither cheap nor easy. Over the years, I’ve watched the number of AAPI blogs dwindle as life happens, which makes it crucial for our community to support and sustain those dedicated sites that remain around.

It’s time for us to step up and give back to Angry Asian Man, and ensure that this blog continues for another 15 years (and longer). I am already a regular subscriber (and have been since AAM started accepting subscribers). Now’s a chance for you to become a subscriber too!

In appreciation of his supporters, Phil is offering a limited edition Angry Asian Man t-shirt as a gift to anyone who makes a commitment to support the blog. It’s grey, and (presumably) cotton-y soft, and features art by Derek Kirk Kim. Subscribe now and we can be t-shirt twins, y’all!

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Activists Launch Petition to #StopDavidBond, Whose Videos Promote Street Harassment of Asian Women

February 11, 2016


Last month, I wrote about David Bond, a self-described dating coach who is selling a series of pick-up artist videos that promote racialized street harassment targeting Asian women to other socially desperate men. In self-published YouTube videos, Bond is seen making racially inflammatory remarks about Asian men and women, mockingly mimicking Asian languages, and using emotional and physical coercion, such as grabbing women, in order to force them to pay attention to him.

Revelations about Bond came just weeks before Roosh V., another infamous pick-up artist and founder of the misogynist and anti-feminist website “Return of Kings” (linked via announced a planned workshop series that would have spread Roosh’s pick-up artist philosophy — including his argument that rape should be legalized — worldwide. Roosh received enormous international backlash, and was forced to cancel the planned appearances.

Now, activists are hoping to place David Bond — whose videos include racism, as well as physical and emotional coercion of women — under similar international pressure.

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APIAVote Seeking Summer Interns for 2016!

January 20, 2016
Photo credit: APIAVote
Photo credit: APIAVote

One of my favourite non-profits — APIAVote — is seeking summer interns for 2016! APIAVote is one of the nation’s premier non-partisan AAPI-focused voter registration and civic engagement non-profit group.

If you’re an AAPI student with an interest in social justice, you should definitely take advantage of APIAVote’s summer intern program, particularly this year as the nation approaches a major presidential election wherein the AAPI vote is likely to be unprecedentedly influential. Already, the Clinton campaign has taken the early lead in trying to appeal to the Asian American vote with other candidates likely to follow suit. APIAVote’s summer internship program will grant you the opportunity to get into the heart of this year’s political action (and I could not be more jealous).

More details after the jump!

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