Mike Huckabee tweets racist anti-Asian joke during CNN Democratic Debate

I get that tonight’s Democratic debate has been highly entertaining, but this tweet from Mike Huckabee sent just a few minutes ago is super fucking racist.

Last night, several of the candidates for the GOP nomination took the opportunity of the Democratic Party’s first presidential primary debate of the season to live-tweet. And, by live-tweet, I mean troll. In stark contrast to the nuanced policy debate taking place on stage in Las Vegas where candidates were searching for respectful differences in opinions and strategies, Donald Trump and Huckabee spent the majority of last night composing 140 character insults and ad hominem attacks. Although Trump declared that no former mayor of Baltimore should ever be president, it was Huckabee who made waves with a tweet referencing the racist stereotype that Asians are untrustworthy and barbaric eaters of dogmeat.

Less than five minutes after declaring that American racism is overblown (“America has a sin problem, not a skin problem,” he tweeted), Huckabee wrote:

I trust @BernieSanders with my tax dollars like I trust a North Korean chef with my labrador! #DemDebate

Not okay, Mike. Not okay.

Too often, the West tries to export our specific sensibilities on the culinary habits on other global cultures. We express disgust that any culture might eat meat we would have trouble seeing as a protein source; meanwhile, we express similar outrage that in parts of the world, beef (a meat we regularly consume) is considered sacred. Huckabee’s tweet invokes Western disgust at the notion of dog meat consumption, without exploring how this disgust is Orientalist and culturally imperialist.

But, more importantly: while it is true that some East Asian cultures historically and currently might include dog meat on their menu, Huckabee missteps not because he references this culinary practice but because his tweet associates the eating of dog meat with barbarism and theft. He jokes that an Asian chef would slaughter any dog in sight regardless of the animal’s status as a pet. He suggests that Asian cultures where dog meat is a traditional dish are not currently troubled by the ethical quandries of its preparation. In fact, the dog meat industry in Asia is limited — few Chinese or Korean citizens say they have eaten dog meat more than once, and there is a growing movement to regulate or ban the practice out of sanitary and moral concerns — and consumption is predominantly limited only to animals bred specifically for food.

Huckabee’s tweet is about the stereotype of Asians eating dogs, but the punchline is that Asians lack the internal moral compass that would also guide us away from stealing another person’s pet and butchering it for food. This tweet is racist not just because it associates Asians with the practice of eating dogs, but because it jokes that Asians are so unscrupulous that we cannot be trusted.

Two hours after posting that original tweet, Huckabee doubled down. He mocked and dismissed charges of racism with the pointed accusation that his accusers are trying to defend a “brutal dictatorship”.


Yeah, that’s not what the problem was, Governor.

Remember when I said the GOP needs to woo Asian American voters? Yeah, this won’t help. In a presidential campaign cycle that has been characterized by xenophobia, Sinophobia, and anti-immigrant intolerance, this joke is nothing but yet more racism from the party of hate.

This post was updated on October 14, 2015 to include actual exposition on why this tweet is racist.

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  • 1maybeso

    Fantastic! Seal clubbing is disgusting and deplorable. Keep em coming, Skeet Skeet. Let’s fill this thread up with animal cruelty info, from the windows to the walls.

  • MelaninManson

    This comment makes clear that for some, animal treatment proves a more important concern than human treatment. Gov. Huckabee reiterates a false, misleading, and bigoted claim about North Koreans (and Asians generally, in my view) and some people can only find enough outrage for the animals referenced in Huckabee’s claim. This is farce.

    If, as a human being, one finds infinite compassion for canines and none for victims of White supremacy, one’s concept of compassion is broken.

  • Skeet Duran

    Bigotry about Asians stigmatized as being the only race to violate animal cruelty and should be distrusted, what does that make white people? Are white people should be distrusted too when involving animals? Maybe pseudo-environmentalists and Mike Huckabee should reevaluate and look at themselves in the mirror to see if any members in their close proximity relatives have picked rifles to go on hunting trips for bunny wabbits.

  • Dao Lang

    He supports ISIS. What else can be said about him?


    Humans have a very unique evolutionary relationship with dogs. For many tens of thousands of year they have been not just our pets, but our symbiotic partners in survival.

    Most European countries had cattle cultures. This meant that dogs were far more valuable alive than dead. This also led to dogs living in homes and being domesticated to the level that they are today.

    Meanwhile most Asian countries were agricultural societies and did not have a cattle cultures. Dogs were far less useful in these societies and were more valuable as food.

    Your opinion that dogs are not allowed to be eaten because they are unique, precious, symbiotic partners is entirely a Western concept borne out of complete historical coincidence. If Europeans did not need dogs to drove or guard their cattle then you can bet your fucking ass that they would be eating dogs and this would be a complete non-issue today.

  • 1maybeso

    One lame tweet and everyone in Asia is a victim of white supremacy. That is pitifully weak.

    I grew up in Asia. It is full of racism. Just like whites are as cruel to animals as Asians, so too are Asians as racist as Whites.

    As a human being, I can see that we are the most destructive species on the planet, regardless of race. Someone has to speak up on behalf of animals and the environment, because they can’t do it for themselves. If you can only find compassion for humans, then perhaps your sense of perspective is broken. 7.3 billion people, we are not special. And we are not entitled to everything on the planet at the expense of every other organism.

  • Skeet Duran

    white supremacy.

    I grew up in Asia. It is full of racism.

    Asians as racist as Whites.

    My bad, I must have missed a big chunk of Asian history because I don’t remember Asians ever had an organized military like Hitler’s Nazi party determined to exterminate another race of people aka Jews. Asians never enslaved another race like Black slavery in this country, and Asians never caused Native American Indians to the brink of genocide in their homeland. Asians don’t have institutionally organized hate groups like the Aryan Brotherhoods, Aryan Nations, Neo-Nazism, skinheads, and Ku Klux Klan proclaimed they are the most superior race.

    Asian racism is mild and is nowhere near as cunning, cruel, vicious, nor as violent as White Supremacy. It’s not just within the U.S., it’s all over Europe too.



    Just like whites are as cruel to animals as Asians.

    This I can agree with.

  • Bob

    Wait wait, I’ve gotta know this one. Are Jews really considered “another race of people”?? I’m only asking because half of my family was killed by nazis during the Holocaust. But yet, I’m considered white (aren’t I white?). This one is always super confusing to me.

  • Skeet Duran

    6 million of the estimated 8.8 million Holocaust Jews were Ashkenazi. Ashkenazi Jews during the Holocaust were similar in appearance to the Hollywood Jews we see now, they physically look white.


    Based on genetics, studies have shown Ashkenazi Jews can be traced back to the Middle East.

    studies revealed that Ashkenazi Jews originated in the Middle East during the Bronze Age (between 2500 BC and 700 BC), spreading later to Europe.

    The majority of genetic findings to date concerning Ashkenazi Jews conclude that the male line was founded by ancestors from the Middle East.

    A study of haplotypes of the Y-chromosome, published in 2000, addressed the paternal origins of Ashkenazi Jews. Hammer et al.[115] found that the Y-chromosome of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews contained mutations that are also common among Middle Eastern peoples, but uncommon in the general European population. This suggested that the male ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews could be traced mostly to the Middle East.

    Before 2006, geneticists had largely attributed the ethnogenesis of most of the world’s Jewish populations, including Ashkenazi Jews, to Israelite Jewish male migrants from the Middle East and “the women from each local population whom they took as wives and converted to Judaism.” Thus, in 2002, in line with this model of origin, David Goldstein, now of Duke University, reported that unlike male Ashkenazi lineages, the female lineages in Ashkenazi Jewish communities “did not seem to be Middle Eastern”, and that each community had its own genetic pattern and even that “in some cases the mitochondrial DNA was closely related to that of the host community.” In his view this suggested “that Jewish men had arrived from the Middle East, taken wives from the host population and converted them to Judaism, after which there was no further intermarriage with non-Jews.”[92]

    In 2006, a study by Behar et al.,[119] based on what was at that time high-resolution analysis of haplogroup K (mtDNA), suggested that about 40% of the current Ashkenazi population is descended matrilineally from just four women, or “founder lineages”, that were “likely from a Hebrew/Levantine mtDNA pool” originating in the Middle East in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE. Additionally, Behar et al. suggested that the rest of Ashkenazi mtDNA is originated from ~150 women, and that most of those were also likely of Middle Eastern origin.


  • Bob

    Thanks Skeet. Yeah, I mean… I don’t mean to say, what’s on Wikipedia, I just wonder what you think. I mean you can go ahead and say “Hollywood Jews look white” but what I’m really getting at is whether you think we’re a different group as apart from whites. I have never really known what to check on the census form. Sometimes I check “other” and write “Afro-Asiatic” on the line, but that’s a mouthful. The rest of the time I usually put White. Often hard to know if it matters, but still curious.

  • Although race appears to be based on genetic or biological differences, please remember that race is a political and social construct defined by mass convention and agreement. Biologically speaking, where we draw racial boundaries is arbitrary; politically speaking, racial boundaries are well defined because they set parameters for individual citizenship. For a person of colour, race is a descriptor for how this social construct has real manifestations in his we are denied full access to rights and participation in America.

    So keeping this in mind, we must also recognize that where we have drawn racial boundaries in the past has been different. One hundred years ago, Irish and Italian immigrants were not seen as White. Judaism is a faith (an important point: one can convert into or out of Judaism), but Jewish Americans faced such a strong anti-Semitism that Judaism prior to the 1950’s was considered racially distinct from Whiteness, which at the time was indistinct from WASPness.

    In the early and mid-twentieth century, the fear of a growing emancipated Black population and the arrival of Asians created a sort of White flight and White fear. Irish, Italian and much later Jewish Americans were contrasted against stereotypes of Black, Asian and Native populations as modeling acceptable and familiar traits, and the more assimilatable groups. Eventually, this along with more broadly shifting notions that disconnected faith and language from racial boundaries resulted in the loss of the Anglo-Saxon Protestant part of what defined race and an increasing focus on colour. This resulted in the absorption of these initially non-White groups into Whiteness, with all the associated privileges therein.

    Bob, to answer your question: how you define your race is in part based on your own personal ideas. No one can really tell you what your racial identity must be. But to have that racial identity be meaningful it should be informed by mass conventions on current racial boundaries and definitions. For you, I would suggest you spend an afternoon reading about White privilege, and then ask yourself if this is something you experience.

  • Skeet Duran

    Asian and Native populations as modeling acceptable and familiar traits, and the more assimilatable groups.

    This resulted in the absorption of these initially non-White groups into Whiteness, with all the associated privileges therein.

    Thank you Jenn for an elaborate answer to Bob, I agreed to 90% of your post especially about how one’s skin color determines one’s own experiences with white privilege.

    I have to ask though, based on the quote above, are you saying Asian Americans experience and benefit White privilege for being model citizens?

    To me, White privilege is about skin color, not about being model citizens. Being model citizens is to avoid confrontations, avoid being lynched, avoid violent crimes, and avoid being clobbered by police. Model minority is an act, and doesn’t matter how someone acts he/she cannot change one’s own skin color, 98% of Asian Americans don’t look white, AsAm are colored, with some exceptions like Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Even half-Asians Daniel Henney and Ian Dale Anthony face racism in Hollywood, and Chrissy Teigen got called a chink.

    AAPI’s are usually on the butt end of most political and social racist jokes, more often than even Hispanics. It’s these political and social stereotype jokes that keep AsAm in check with glass ceilings, preventing AAPI’s from advancing higher on the ladder in employment and politics. Some stereotypes that led to and garnered glass ceilings on AAPI’s are (lacking social skills, lack leadership skills, lack creativity, lack inventive/innovative skills, etc.)

  • I think you misunderstand — at the time White fear motivated perception of Italian and Irish as being more “assimilatable”. I make no predictions about the model minority myth with regard to Asians, I certainly do not think Asians have White privilege.

  • Bob

    Wow — I guess we could have been another “model minority.” Much about it vexes me. The insult and the praise are the the same word: Jew! I can’t help but to feel a Jewish identity due to my immediate family being refugees from WW2, I mean how could I betray that? Though I’m not particularly religious and indeed my mother is Christian. The State of Israel informed me that her status as a Christian does disqualify me from my would-be status as Jewish, at least under Jewish/Israeli law. And yet the identity is inescapable, and thanks to South Park, people think I’m at home polishing my diamonds and counting my sheckels. I wonder sometimes how much of identity comes from ourselves, and how much or little legitimacy any laws have over it. … As to white privilege, for sure. I have gotten away with so much, crazy teenage days, glorified in films as a rite of passage but could be 25 years for someone else. Something happened the other day at Bed Bath and Beyond. I was shopping for a blending and there were several toppled from a shelf, which a black guy was dutifully placing back on the shelf. I found myself craning my neck around to see if he had any kind of name badge or logo or anything, because I thought — did he knock over the blenders or does he work here? Gotta be careful. People don’t ask me if I’m on staff at those kinds of stores, they ask if they can help me. But later that day I was at the hospital to get some blood work done, and still had my work attire — suit, tie, cufflinks, etc. Then just the opposite thing happened. An African American man, a visitor, saw me and said, “Excuse me sir, but where is Radiology?” I had to laugh because I went to art school and really bumbled my way into a cushy DC job at a nonprofit, and he thinks I’m a doctor! So yes, I understand about privilege. It doesn’t wash off either though.

  • 1maybeso

    Yes, it would appear that you did indeed miss many of your Asian history classes. Asia has a long history of slavery, in addition to caste systems. China and Japan have both engaged in imperialism. And there still exists much racism between different Asian ethnicities, as well as towards foreigners, blacks, and even whites. The fact that you think racism is the exclusive domain of white people shows that you are, in fact, incredibly racist.

  • Skeet Duran

    Yes, it would appear that you did indeed miss many of your Asian history classes. Asia has a long history of slavery, in addition to caste systems. China and Japan have both engaged in imperialism. And there still exists much racism between different Asian ethnicities, as well as towards foreigners, blacks, and even whites. The fact that you think racism is the exclusive domain of white people shows that you are, in fact, incredibly racist.

    That’s not racism. To prove that Asians are just as racists as whites, please provide some link sources proving atrocities caused by Asians where the victims were Non-Asians. Everything you wrote above, all the victims were other ASIANS.

    I’m sure China and Korea had slavery, but the victims were other Asians. As for the caste systems in India, again the victims were other Indians, or SouthEast Asians.

    China and Japan both engaged in imperialism, yes but again were with their Asian neighbors, nothing against Non-Asians. The Genghis Khan empire dynasty, the victims were Chinese, Mongolians, and Koreans. The Rape of Nanking by imperialist Japan was again within the same race. The Cambodian Genocide was Cambodians killing other Cambodians, committed by the Khmer Rouge with leader Pol Pot. Ho Chi Minh killed nearly 1.5 million Vietnamese. What the Chinese did to the Tibetans and other minorities in their country are people of the same race, the conflicts in South China Sea with neighboring South East Countries are people of the same race. That is ethnic discrimination within the SAME RACE. Conflicts between neighboring countries were very common around the world, there’s the Gaza Strip between Palestine and Israel. Many Latin and African countries have conflicts between their neighboring countries, like the Red Terror (Ethiopia) where nearly half a million people killed, that conflict was within Ethiopians. The French Revolution was between the French people. 250,000 Polish people were killed by the Soviets in 1937. 1.5 million Circassian people killed by the Russian Federation. The long conflicts between the Soviet Union and the Ukrainians which up to 7,500,000 Ukrainians were genocide committed by the Soviets, look up Holodomor. All of those examples were wars of ethnic discriminations within the SAME RACE, not racism.

    If you want to know what racism is, you need to look at the history of Colonization done by Aryan countries to Non-White people. Aside from the Holocaust, there was the Belgiums who massacred up to an estimated 10,000,000 Congo people. 580,000 Jewish people were killed by the Roman Empire in the year 136. The British colonized Hong Kong, the French colonized Vietnam, the Spanish colonized Philippines. Western imperialism in Asia is what’s called racism, done to other races who were not of their own race.


    And there still exists much racism between different Asian ethnicities, as well as towards foreigners, blacks, and even whites.

    The caste system throughout the history of Asia did discriminate darker skin people, mainly other darker skinned Asians who were considered in lower class peasants, where they worked in the fields resulted in darker skins.

    This form of racism does exist, the reason I said it’s milder is because it’s not organized and institutionalized like it is the West. Asian racisms are “individualized racism”, and even some companies that refused to hire black or dark skin people were committed by individuals who ran the company. Not organized by societies.

  • 1maybeso

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t finish reading your long ranting post because it was such a collosal joke. You are saying that when two ethnicities attack one another, it is not racism as long as they are both placed under the same arbitrary racial umbrella of Asian. How totally and utterly ridiculous. If someone from Japan thinks all Japanese are better than all Chinese, that is still racism.

  • Skeet Duran

    If someone from Japan thinks all Japanese are better than all Chinese, that is still racism.

    That was not a rant, maybe you should learn something about historical facts.

    By your logic, if an Asian person killed another Asian person, he should be charged with hate crime because he’s a racist? That makes no freaking sense. You are the true racist by trying to deny what true racism is.

    True racism is about elevating one race above (or more superior) over another. Racism is about putting one race more superior than other races. How can China vs. Japan be race supremacy when their victims were racially looked the same as the imperialists? Do you see where your logic failed again?

    If the Japenese imperialists said the White race is more superior than the Chinese, therefore all Chinese should be killed, that would make the Japanese racists.

    If the Japenese imperialists said the Japanese people are more superior than the Chinese, therefore all Chinese should be killed, that would not make the Japanese racists, that just make the Japenese imperialists with Nationalistic supremacy.

    Do you even know the difference between nationalism and racism? Let me put it in simple context for you.

    Nationalism supremacy, Asians are the worst and the most malicious in the world.

    Race supremacy, White supremacy is the worst and the most malicious in the world.

  • 1maybeso


  • Skeet Duran

    Obviously, someone cannot back up his BS nonsense opinion with factual proofs.

    I can certainly back up mine with factual proofs using American dictionaries.

    From the Oxford Dictionary, racism is defined as:

    Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

    The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races:


    From the Cambridge Dictionary, racism is defined as:

    the ?belief that some ?races are ?better than ?others, or the ?unfair ?treatment of someone because of his or her ?race

    the ?belief that people’s ?qualities are ?influenced by ?their ?race and that the ?members of other ?races are not as good as the ?members of ?your own, or the ?resulting ?unfair ?treatment of ?members of other ?races:


    From the Merriam-Webster dictionary, racism is defined as:

    a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race


  • 1maybeso


  • Skeet Duran


  • Guys, I’m at a conference for the next few days with shit wifi, so I basically cannot monitor this comment thread as closely as I normally do. Please elevate the respect level in this debate. 1maybeso, I’m looking particularly closely at you, because you were the first here to set a negative and disrespectful tone.

    You’ve received numerous warnings about your posts. I think it is necessary for you to go back and re-review the comment policy (below), and think about how your comments may or may not comply, in order to continue to maintain your commenting privileges.

  • 1maybeso

    Threats aside, why not comment on this topic? What do you think when people kill one another in the name of ethnic pride? For example, Chinese vs Japanese. Is it not a form of racism as long as they are of both members of the same broader race? Is it not a hate crime? Is it somehow less egregious than killing someone of a different skin color?

  • Syed Shoaib

    Dude, you are done for. If you can’t understand the argument above, you also need English/logic lessons apart from history lessons. She/he isnt denying racism in the east, but just saying that its institutionalised history and depth aren’t as rooted as in the east when compared to the west.