A Master-List of #AAPI Non-Profit Groups for 2014’s #GivingTuesday!

December 1, 2014


Did you participate in the #NotOneDime boycott of Black Friday in solidarity with Ferguson supporters, which may have contributed to the day’s reported 11% drop in sales relative to previous years? Did you reject the crass consumerism of Cyber Monday? Hopefully, you’ve got a little bit of extra change in your pocket then; and I’ve got just the groups that could use it!

Today, is the third annual Giving Tuesday, a day to encourage community members to be inspired by the holidays and give to their favourite charities and non-profit organizations.

For those of us in the Asian American & Pacific Islander community, it can be hard to know what organizations are out there. In previous years, Giving Tuesday had created a registry of participating non-profits, but only a few AAPI groups were listed. So, last year, I created a master-list of AAPI non-profits and invited you to browse the site and pick one (or more!) to donate to. This year, I’ve updated the master-list, and it appears after the jump.

However, before you click through, I strongly encourage you to consider donating to the Boggs Center’s trust for Grace Lee Boggs’ hospice care. The trustees of the fund are dedicating one hundred percent of donations to Boggs’ medical and caregiver costs, to offset the $8000/month bill she has been facing since entering hospice care earlier in the year. As Boggs’ trustees write:

Grace has always put the needs of others before her own. But now she is in need of your support.

You can contribute to the Boggs Center’s trust for Grace Lee Boggs here.

If you have additional funds available, please consider making a donation to any one of these awesome AAPI non-profit organizations. For many of these groups, your donation will be tax-deductible (websites will give specific information), and the funds will go to supporting a very good cause in relation to the Asian American & Pacific Islander communities.

If your group has been left off this list, please let me know in the comments section below and I will happily update as soon as possible. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all AAPI non-profits, but it can’t hurt to make it more comprehensive!

National / Civil Rights

National / Civil Rights / Ethnic Group-Specific

National / Gender & Sexuality

National / Environmental

National / Healthcare

National / Labour Rights

National / Youth Development

National & Local / History & Arts

Local / General Advocacy

Local / Community Centers and Historic Districts

Local / Gender & Sexuality

Local / Labour Rights:

Local / Healthcare

Local / Youth Development


Please note that inclusion of an organization on this list does not imply endorsement by Reappropriate of all the group’s activities or positions, nor does it imply endorsement by the non-profit of any writing — generally or specifically — on Reappropriate. I encourage you to do additional research on any non-profit that appears on this list before making a contribution.

Thank you for considering a donation in support of Giving Tuesday!

Updated (12/1/2014 11:46pm): Added APALA and AACS Ohio!

Updated (12/2/2014 10:40am): Added Asian American Resource Workshop and Asian Pacific Community in Action. Alphabetized lists.

Updated (12/2/2014 12:15am): Added VAYLA New OrleansBanteay SreiMonsoon | United Asian Women of Iowa and Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association Lowell.

Updated (12/2/2014 1:45pm): Added Asian Pacific Development Center

Updated (12/2/2014 9:13pm): Added Khmer Girls in ActionFilipino Advocates for JusticeKoreatown Immigrant Workers AllianceChinese for Affirmative Action (CAA)Thai Community Development CenterChinese Progressive AssociationMy Sister’s HouseChinatown Community Development CenterAsian-American Women’s Political Initiative (AAWPI)South Asian American Policy & Research Institute (SAAPRI)Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC)Tuesday Night ProjeectOrange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA)Asian American Writers’ Workshop (AAWW)

Updated (12/2/2014 10:38pm): Added about thirty more organizations. Too many to list here! Many thanks to @seanmiura and @spamfriedrice, among others, for the many suggestions!

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  • Christine

    Hi Jenn!

    Thanks for compiling this list. I would like to add Asian American Community Services of Central Ohio (http://www.aacsohio.org/home). They’re based in Columbus, OH and doing great things in the community. Thank you!

  • Eugenia Beh

    Hey Jenn – can you please add the other APALA as well? http://Www.apalaweb.org Thanks so much!!

  • Done!!

  • Done and thank you!!

  • lloydyasato

    May I suggest Asian Pacific Community in Action (www.apcaaz.org) serving traditionally bypassed communities in Arizona.

  • EC White

    Thank you!!!! 😀

  • EC White

    Sorry – one more. Under Local, can I suggest the Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW)? It’s one of Boston’s first pan-Asian organizations and it’s also the parent organization of the Boston Asian American Film Festival (BAAFF): http://www.aarw.org/

    Thanks so much again and thanks so much for this great list!!

  • Done!!

  • Done, and thank you!!!

  • JacquelineW

    Can you add Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance? http://www.ocapica.org

  • Done! I actually had OCAPICA submitted by a couple of other users as well! Thanks!

  • Ron P. Muriera

    Under cultural/historical preservation organizations, there is the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) whose HQ is in Seattle, WA. There are now 33 chapters throughout the U.S. I serve as one of the National Trustees on the FANHS National Board representing Northern California. Website is http://www.fanhs-national.org

  • kingofthecharts

    Would be great if you added Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA). They’ve been around since 1992.

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