Adam Carolla: Asians don’t face discrimination, also make terrible comedians

May 19, 2014
Let's put it this way: I now have an "Adam Carolla is racist" file photo.
Let’s put it this way: I have an “Adam Carolla is racist” file photo.

I don’t even…

Look, no one is ever going to mistake Adam Carolla with someone who has taste, tact, or wit.

These days, the washed up former host of The Man Show  seems hellbent on staying relevant by saying as many offensive and inane things as he possibly can, and if the last few years are any indication, he’s failing: recently, he’s appeared on Dancing With The Stars and Celebrity Apprentice, and that’s the highlight of his resume.

Currently, he hosts Catch a Contractor, the exceptionally boring play off of To Catch a Predator where the sexual innuendo and moral outrage is inexplicably replaced with bad home improvement contractors.

So, to say I don’t really give a fuck about Adam Carolla would be something of an understatement. It’s clear that very few people in the world really give a fuck about Adam Carolla.

That being said, I really wish this guy would stop making fun of minorities in his desperate efforts to get attention.

Margaret Cho might have something to say to Adam Carolla.
Margaret Cho might have something to say to Adam Carolla.

Back in 2010, Adam Carolla said some insanely stupid and racist shit about Manny Pacquiao and the Phillipines (“he prays to chicken bones” among other comments); he later made a half-hearted Twitter apology, saying he was “trying to be provocative” but “crossed the line”.

Earlier today, Carolla once again “tried to be provocative” in an interview with Salon. Tucked away in a tirade where Carolla also asserted the existence of a coordinated “gay mafia” that humourlessly crucifies comedians for making anti-gay jokes (yeah, really), Carolla also made some wild and bizarre assertions about Asians.

Carolla first asserted that Asians, for deficiencies completely unknown, are just not (racially? culturally?) equipped to be comedians.

I’m fine with the notion that there are genders and races that lean more to comedy — where are the Asian comedians? Maybe there just aren’t any! For that matter, where are all the Jewish roofers? What are female comedians doing about the lack of Jewish roofers? I demand answers!

This came after Carolla denied his own privilege as a straight White male, arguing that his “success” (and note I use air-quotes there) in the field of comedy is due to pure talent, not getting a “leg up”.

I beg to differ.

And then, with a complete absence of irony whatsoever, Carolla insists a few minutes later that Asians face no discrimination whatsoever.

How did Asians pass white people? They got lucky? Someone should look into that, perhaps. I would go ahead and say: The Asians beat the rigged system and did better than white people. You don’t think that’d be something to look into? Do you think we decided to rig the system against certain ethnicities?

Model Minority Myth in full action! Carolla asserts that there can be no racism, because if there were racism, Asians wouldn’t be able to be so “successful” because no one would invent a system that was selectively racist against only certain racial or ethnic groups.

There’s so much to unpack here, I don’t even think it’s worth the effort.

Instead, I’d just like to go back to Carolla’s first comment about there not being any talented Asian comedians because Asians-suck-at-funny-or-some-such-utter-bullshit.

Oh really, Adam Carolla? I ante you a Margaret Cho, throw you a Bobby Lee, and raise you a Mindy Kaling. Then I go all in with a Hari Kondabolu.

Really? There are no Asian comedians?
Really? There are no Asian comedians? Hari Kondabolu is surprised.

Speaking of Hari Kondabolu: if there is a God, He is telling Hari to record a scathing video response to Adam Carolla right now. Please let that happen. Somebody make that happen.

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  • Yun Xu

    I thought you might be interested in this because you’re all about empowering Asian feminist activists.

    SEE IT: Officers assault, threaten to deport Chicago salon manager – NY Daily News

  • Yun Xu

    Perhaps the best example of white privilege is david letterman hosting….anything.

    the bottom bitch, bobby lee? lol let me show you some of his fine work…

    thank you bobbYTCH lee, a true trail blazer.

  • Thanks for the link. I’ll see if I can work in a write-up tomorrow…

    Re: Bobby Lee. Agreed, which is why he’s listed along with three OTHER Asian comics. And in retrospect, the list should’ve also included Dat Phan and Aasif Mandvi. In case you hadn’t noticed, this post is the third that I wrote today, between a really hectic day at work. Cut me some slack?

  • Yun Xu

    I will show you an irresistible cat video ……

    but I will never cut you slack, you miserable serf.

  • Awwwwwww…. that was just…..


  • loppy

    yeah nobody cares about the most popular podcaster in the world….
    biased, uninformed, out of context, terribley written article.

  • cheeky

    Screw Corolla—I used to kind of like him when he was hosting this sex advice show with Dr. Drew over a decade ago, and even back then he could get on your nerves.with his cocky-ass attitude. At least you can take solace in the fact that some of the Asian comedians you mentioned are still bigger names than he is,or ever will be—ha ha ha!

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