Help fund this campaign to improve political involvement of #AAPI women!


Caught this in my Facebook, and definitely want to advertise this: the Asian American Women’s Political Initiative (AAWPI) is a political leadership organization focused on AAPI women, hoping to encourage, support and train AAPI women to enter into US politics. AAWPI note that currently, only 0.5% of state legislators in the U.S. are Asian American women, and only one holds state-wide office.

AAWPI’s mission:

To change the continued invisibility of Asian-American women in government, AAWPI’s State House Fellowship Program targets a core part of the problem: the lack of a pipeline of Asian-American women ready to lead policy and political change.  With the dearth of Asian-American role models in government, AAWPI is stepping in to develop an infrastructure to mentor and train the next generation of local, grassroots Asian-American women leaders.

But AAWPI needs your help. If you have a few dollars kicking around, please consider donating to AAWPI’s Indiegogo campaign! They are hoping to raise $7500 in the next two months to help fund internships and other training programs for young Asian American women!

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