NOC: Hard NOC Life Video Podcast Ep. 001, featuring yours truly

Check out the pilot episode of Hard NOC Life, a weekly video podcast by The Nerds of Colour. This episode features live, talking images of yours truly as I wave my hands frantically and try to articulate myself in real-time. In this inaugural episode, we focus on several of the movies released in Summer 2013, including a discussion on race in The Wolverine, Pacific Rim, and Elysium.

Also on this episode were Keith Chow (@the_real_chow), ‘Shawn Smith, N’jaila Rhee (@blasianbytch), and James.



PS – I seriously had no idea that I sounded like that when I talk. I swear, I’m not as scatter-brained as I come across in this video…

PPS – I lie. I’m exactly as scatter-brained as I appear in this video.

PPPS – This is probably exactly why actors swear they never watch themselves on-screen.

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