Chuck Todd needs to apologize for his random anti-Asian racism this morning

Chuck Todd is the current host of MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” and a former White House correspondent.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, host of The Daily Rundown, went off-script and spouted some random anti-Asian racism this morning. Returning from a commercial break, Todd mistook where he was taping from, confusing Washington D.C. (where the show is normally taped) with New York City (where he is right now).

Todd then made a dismissive retort about New York City, implying that he dislikes the city. When he was questioned as to why by his guests, Todd quipped sarcastically:

“That’s right, defend New York City, with your 3-block radius of Chinese takeout and dry cleaners.” (emphasis added)

Excuse me, Chuck? Did you just say on live national television that the reason you don’t like being in NYC is because you’re around too many Asian people?

That is seriously fucked up.

Act Now! You can contact Chuck Todd and the Daily Rundown with your displeasure over this random morning racism through Twitter at @dailyrundown@chucktodd, and @msnbc.

(H/T: JEL)

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  • JJ de la Cruz

    He doesn’t NEED to apologize. This is America and he can say whatever the hell he wants. What we do need is for someone to publish his home address so that the 4 billion or so Asians know where to direct their displeasure.

  • Asian guy

    I swear people take stuff like this too seriously. I am Asian I don’t care what other people say live tv or not. Like the above poster is saying, America we haw these rights and freedoms of speech for a reason. Racism and hatred of other races is inevitable. Stop taking sh*t seriously and get on with your life.

  • Hey JJ – it’s true. Todd can say what he wants. And we’re free to tell him that what he said was pretty offensive.

    I don’t think he needs to apologize because he shouldn’t say what he said. I think he needs to apologize because otherwise there’s no acknowledgement that what he said, however cavalierly, is definitely racialized and offensive.

  • distance88

    ‘Asian’ guy– Taking the time out of your life to tell others to “stop taking sh*t seriously” is, in and of itself, taking sh*t seriously. I guess you’re just too cowardly (hypocritical?) to even have the courage of your convictions.

  • tombusk

    Maybe he just watched Red Dawn and was still under the influence of shitty screenplay.

    Freedom of speech protect the right to express one’s opinions, but it never meant to protect you from the consequences of whatever you can say. I could randomly say that Sarah Palin is an idiot that should throw herself from a bridge. Am I allowed to say so? Yes. Is this acceptable? Not so much.
    Truth is he should have kept that comment to himself, but at least now every one has a serious evidence of his level of dickheadness. Weither he should apologise is his sole decision to make. But would it be sincere? Who’d buy that?

  • gigi

    I like his hair.

  • other asian guy

    OK, I’m not going to tell everyone to calm down or stop overreacting or whatever, and I will certainly not claim to speak for all Asians, but I will say to me he’s not really suggesting anything race-related.

    It seems mainly he’s saying that there’s a weird density of dry cleaners and Chinese restaurants in New York City. One can resent that without resenting a density of Asians. You can only get so much utility out of Chinese takeout places and dry cleaners in a week before you start wishing there were maybe some other things around.

  • danny

    He should thanks the Chinese take-out and dry clean service. Keep up the good work with acknowledging us , ignore the first four comments.

  • WTH

    I’m no Chuck Todd fan…but at first I thought he was ripping on the smallness of Washington DC’s Chinatown (“3 block radius of take-out and dry cleaners”) versus NYC’s much bigger Chinatown.

  • singsing

    I dont get it. And Chucks eyes look kinda asian. Seriously. No double lid/fold.

  • @WTH

    This was a quip with no further explanation so it’s not entirely clear what Todd meant to say, only what he said. That being said, what is clear is that his comment was made as an explanation for why he doesn’t like NYC. In that context, I don’t really see how he could have been criticizing how small D.C.’s Chinatown is … that doesn’t really make sense given that he’s trying to talk about how much he hates NYC.

  • crzy

    @JJ The bill of rights is there to protect us from the government! Freedom of speech , especially hate and fighting words, does not protect him from his employers and other citizens. He needs to apologize for his racist comment because other people will think that’s acceptable.

  • Tom

    I am Asian and not offended. This just means he does not like so much Chinese take out and Cleaners in a given 3 blocks in NYC. This does not mean he does not like Chinese people. Also it mean Asians should diversify and do non stereotypical work.

  • Vinny

    Those random racism and silent betrayal, seeing something wrong without speaking out, are easy to miss but detrimental to harmony of the society.

  • James

    Distance88 is right. I’m so tired of people who take the time to comment on stuff that does not offend them. Tom, I don’t see how reasonable people can understand Mr. Todd’s comments in context and not find an anti-Asian tone in them, but who cares if you’re Asian and not offended?

    Literally, so what? I’m not Asian, but when I heard Chuck Todd riff on his dislike of NYC by bringing up businesses stereotypically owned by Asian people, I was offended. If he started bringing up jewelry stores and kosher delis to diss NYC, it would be rightly dismissed as beyond the pale wrong for the same reasons.

    People should stop using their racial identification as cover for other people’s offensive language.

  • paul sand

    Comment edited by Jenn to remove ad hominem attacks.

  • paul sand

    It is obvious that Chuck Todd has no sense of right or wrong and is just another blabbermouth with little original thought. How can he disrespect any race of people who show they are self motivated and believe in the capitalistic system of hard work and achievement. How dare he do that to ANY group….he should be seriously censured by Morning Joe and any other networks he appears on

    Comment edited by Jenn to remove ad hominem attacks.

  • paul sand


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