“Make Me Asian” Android App Is So Incredibly Racist It Makes My Stomach Churn

November 9, 2012

Angry Asian Man reports that a prolific Android app maker has created a “Make Me Asian” app that takes a photo from your mobile device and allows you to slant your eyes, add yellow spray paint to your skin, and throw on some clipart Fu Manchu moustache and rice paddy hat. And voila — you’re now completely indistinguishable from every other Asian, right? 

Screen caps of the “Make Me Asian” app. The resemblance to Asian people is uncanny.

The app description claims:

Have you ever wondered to present himself as a person of another nationality? You can imagine, for example, Chinese or Japanese? No? Then immediately take your phone and download it amazing Android-application called «Make me Asian».

This is just a fun app lets you indulge you and your friends! You can for a few seconds to make himself a Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other Asians!
Features “Make me Asian”:

  • almost instantly, you can make yourself or your friends by representatives of Asian nations, such as Chinese or Japanese;
  • the opportunity to photograph people and process the captured images, or upload a photo from the gallery and work with it;
  • the results obtained can be shared via the social network Facebook, email or MMS.

There is absolutely no need for me to explain why this is The Most Fucking Racist Thing You’ve Seen All Day. Just do me a favour and give this thing a negative review (if you’re good-hearted enough to actually download the app in order to do so). Then shoot an email to the app’s developer, Kimbery Deiss, at kimberydeiss3977@hotmail.com with the same message. Then go rant to all your friends using Google android.

Oh, and by the way, there’s an equally as racist “Make Me Indian” app that assumes that a furrowed brow and facepaint does a Native American one make. Yeah. No.


Update: Here’s a Change.org petition to sign to have this app removed from the Google store.

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  • R. U. Serious

    I can almost guarantee you she won’t make a “Make Me Black” app.

  • Anonymous


  • Galsadi

    You should make a website that makes you not such a racist then take a picture of yourself

  • JW

    Cry me a river. Freedom of speech. It’s a silly app so stop wasting your energy on such a worthless en-devour. Jesus christ people will get bent out of shape over any little thing. It’s a dollar a dozen app, just get over yourself and accept that in this country we have freedom of speech. I rather see apps like this than live in a world without them because a world without them is not a very free and just world. Go crawl back into a cave you freedom hater.

  • TylerDurden

    Watch your potty mouth, and check out a video about the Holocaust. Then you can say this wasn’t the most racist thing you’ve seen all day. Durrrrraaaamaaaa!

  • JV

    Try make me European-American

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  • Justin

    Why is this racist??? Asian, mexican, african, american. If you’re from mexico and I say you’re mexican, I’m racist? You’re not african or asian, so what would I call your ethnicity? Light brown? Seriously people. It wasn’t called make me a stupid nip or chink etc. How is this racist? I’m American, is it racist to call me white or american? From the looks of things, you would have to say yes, it’s racist. To you I say STFU and get a fucking life of your own you crying bitches. Wait, is a crying bitch racist too? People need to step up or shut up because the world is full of crying bitches these days.

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  • john

    @R.U Serious
    Yes… she did make a ‘make-me-black’ app..

    Making a petition is also part of the freedom of speech..

    did you suggest that we gang-rape her like the one in India?

  • Sugou

    what if im already asian? will it make me blind?

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