George W. Bush Member of Stark Clan, Decapitated by King Joffrey

Were there WMD at Casterly Rock? Was bin Laden’s summer mansion on the outskirts of King’s Landing? How the heck did Dubya end up in Westeros?

Apparently in one of the DVD commentaries in Game of Thrones: Season 1 (which I own, and now have to watch), the show’s creators confess that a shortage of prosthetic heads resulted in a political gaffe of Medieval proportions: in the scene where King Joffrey shows his betrothed, Sansa Stark, her father’s severed head, George W. Bush’s head is mounted on a spike next to the rest of the fallen Stark clan.

Here’s a screen-cap:

Move over,; this totally beats that whole Bush = Hitler thing.


HBO and the show’s creators have since posted an apology, and this scene will be removed from future DVD versions. I wonder if this makes my copy of the season a collector’s item?

eBay, here I come!


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