“Super Asian Man” And His New Super-Cute Baby

Yul and Sophie Kwon's new daughter, Genevie Kwon. Congratulations Yul!

For those of you who read this blog back before the reboot, you’ll remember that I live-blogged the entire Cook Island season of Survivor, about four years ago. I followed the (mis-)adventures of the cast as they struggled through the show’s “racial tribalism” format, that pit White, Black, Asian and Latino tribes against one another.

Those of you who remember my live-blogs also remember that I rapidly coined the nickname “Super Asian Man” for eventual winner Yul Kwon, because he seemed to be good at everything (except keeping his shirt on — ‘cuz y’know, Asian men hate shirts). Smart, well-spoken, and socially-conscious, Yul is a genuinely nice guy who deserved to win Survivor‘s $1 million dollar prize.

Upon winning, Yul used his notoriety to promote issues of Asian Americans and the media. He considered running for office in California and actively campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008, before settling into a position as the Deputy Chief of the Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau for the Federal Communications Commission. And, breaking the hearts around the world, Kwon also proposed to — and married — his girlfriend, Sophie Tan.

Yul Kwon

And, in the perfect “happily ever after” coda to the story, earlier today, Yul and Sophie welcomed their first daughter, the super-cute Genevie Kwon into the world.

People magazine reports:

Genevie weighed in at 7 lbs., 8 oz., and measured 21½ in.

“We’ve already signed her up for golfing lessons to become the next Michelle Wie,” Kwon, 35, joked in an announcement to family and friends. “Of course, we plan to encourage her to follow her own path so long as it doesn’t involve dating older men or going on reality shows.”

Congratulations, Yul! She’s adorable!

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