TMZ Has “K-Town” Cast Video

TMZ has a “K-Town” cast video to go along with the leaked Facebook images. It’s truly as crazy as we thought:

Click the picture to open the video in a new window. Why? Because TMZ sucks and won't let me embed the video.

Now that we have moving images of these eight people, I think I was mostly right about the cast… except for Scarlet and Jasmine. I called Scarlet as the sane Girlfriend archetype with Jasmine as the Nympho, but I was totally wrong. Scarlet may have the role of The Nympho, while Jasmine may be the sanest one of the girls (a female version of The Class Clown?).

Other stuff we saw in the video: I totally called Steve as the normal nice guy (he must’ve been the one to get off at the wrong subway stop), Joey may be a little too pleasant to ‘roid rage (so, strictly tail-chasing?), Violet and Jennifer (I think) are already feuding (Violet’s a hair-puller at the end of the clip!), and could Jennifer have a drinking problem?

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