Arpaio Has Been Enforcing SB 1070 For Three Years

Even though Governor Jan Brewer only signed SB 1070  last Friday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been enforcing the law for three years! If ever there was doubt that this law institutionalizes racial profiling against brown Arizonans, many of whom are legally in this country, check out this story about a Latino-American trucker who was arrested and detained for not having his birth certificate on him while making a delivery. The trucker, born in Fresno, was held in a jail until his wife rushed there with both their birth certificates — showing that both are domestic-born Americans.


Hey, Sheriff Joe — one question for you: how many White people in Phoenix can tell a story like this?

Turns out, Sheriff Joe doesn’t have an answer to that question. He was grilled about that, and other things, by Reverend Al Sharpton on Larry King Live tonight. And boy, did Reverend Al out-class our homegrown Sherriff. The interview culminated in a pimp slap of pimp slaps. Watch the whole interview here — trust me, it’s worth it:

Damn skippy, Reverend Al! If you come down to Arizona to initiate the next Freedom march, you can bet your out-dated perm I will be right there marching with you!

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