Adam Carolla Apologizes for Being a Racist Asshat

A racist asshat.

“[Manny Pacquiao]’s from the Philippines and because he’s prayin’ to chicken bones and stuff like that, everyone’s kinda like, ‘Well you gotta respect him for his belief system.’ No you don’t. He’s a f****n’ idiot. … [The Phillipines] got this and sex tours, that’s all they have over there. Get your s**t together Philippines. Jesus Christ. I mean, again, it’s fine to be proud of your countrymen. But that’s it? That’s all you got?”

This is what Adam Carolla thinks of Filipinos.

In a breathtaking display of sheer ass-hattery, Carolla called boxer Manny Pacquiao a “fuckin’ idiot” and described the Phillipines as little more than a collection of prostitutes and witch doctors in a recent podcast. In roughly five minutes, Carolla managed to insult an entire country and culture as backwards and barbaric, while completely dismissing the plight of Asian sex slaves who are forced into prostitution by a national economy rampaged by poverty and unemployment.

Meanwhile, Carolla’s podcast was broadcast on CBS, and has made barely a splash in local mainstream media. Whereas Michael Richards was rebuked for days for his racist rant against African Americans, whereas John Mayer was reduced to tears following a blistering storm of criticism over his racist and insensitive remarks he made in Playboy, and whereas Don Imus was publically fired by CBS Radio for his use of a racial slur on his talk radio show, coverage of Adam Carolla’s racist, anti-Filipino rant on his podcast has been minimal at best.

The only folks who seem to have batted an eye over Carolla’s racism are the Asian American community, where calls for an apology have been widespread … and virtually ignored by the mainstream.

Still, it seems that the Asian American community’s outrage is worth something: a mispelled, grammatically-incorrect, generally incoherent, and totally insincere apolo-Tweet. Writes Adam Carolla on his Twitter account:

Read your comments.Sorry if I offended many of u.I don’t preplan my commentary. I try to be provoctive,funny but I crossed the line&im sorry

Sorry if he offended someone for calling the world’s pound-for-pound top boxer an “illiterate” “fuckin’ idiot” who “prays to chicken bones”?

Yeah, you gotta do better than that.

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  • Keith

    Adam Carolla Never was , Never will be funny. He needs his ass kicked.

  • cuckooforcoco

    Well maybe you all should STOP kissing white people’s ass and trying to be their bitch all the time!! As for the ‘outrage’ over John Mayer and etc. that’s because black people got off their ass and FOUGHT for that s**t what are we your damn momma?!! If something pisses you off then get off your ass and protest instead of sitting on it whining and playing ‘oppression olympics’ which is tiresome!!

  • Cuckoo:

    I probably should not have approved your comment, since you make inflammatory remarks that clearly aren’t aimed at having a meaningful discussion. However, there was enough in your underlying message that I felt the need to respond.

    What makes you think that Asian Americans are somehow the “bitch” of White people? Where does this stereotype come from that you think that Asian Americans don’t stand up for ourselves — that all we do is “sit” around and “whine”, “playing oppression olympics”? Are you aware of the many people online and in real life who have devoted our lives to being advocates of the Asian American community?

    In fact, raising awareness with posts like these are part of letting people know that Asian Americans do face racism, and that we aren’t willing to just sit by and let it happen.

    I find it funny that on the one hand, you chastise race activists for not doing enough, and than on the other hand for actually speaking up against racism. It sounds, rather, like you are angry that Asian American activists actually have something to say about the racism that we face — it sounds to me like you would prefer to think of us as silent and stoic, because than at least you don’t have to be concerned with the notion that racism extends beyond Black and White.

  • Matthew

    What is wrong with saying that a culture is barbaric and backwards? Some are. Let’s not fool ourselves — Middle Eastern Islamofascism is very barbaric, especially when compared to Western civilization.

  • ogr86

    Cuckoo’s comment is inappropriate but Matthew’s is okay?

  • @Ogr86

    Neither comment is okay. I just don’t always have time to respond to trolls when they first appear.

  • cuckooforcoco

    I’m not being a ‘troll’ as you say I’m saying if it bothers you then fight against it but don’t put US down and making comparisons that come off as insulting. You and anyone who says that act as if what WE aren’t supposed to say anything and just let stuff like that go?!! No we are going to put our foot down just like you claim you would and I know the issue is more than just black and white but don’t fly under the radar and then complain when you get spotted. Another thing most of the time when that DOES happen we are the only ones saying something about it nobody has our backs and to act as if we have some ‘diva’ attitude because we do of course we are going to speak out or what wait for another group to speak for us?! Won’t happen I’m trying to find where I stand with other races but it seems like you all want us ‘back of the bus’ like everyone else.

  • Priya M.

    @ cuckooforcoco

    You said, “but don’t fly under the radar and then complain when you get spotted.”

    Asian Americans definitely do not “fly under the radar”. We fight for our rights and speak up for ourselves. However, the fact of the matter is that we don’t get much acknowledgement from the mainstream media and racism like Corolla’s is just ignored. It’s somehow okay to the mainstream media if Asians (more specifically Phillipinos) are insulted and degraded by some dude. Or at least it seems like it, because of the fact that not much is being done about it.

  • cuckooforcoco

    But what do you expect US to do about it?!! You aren’t my responsibility nor is this my problem I have NO dog in this fight however if you are expecting an ‘ally’ one way to go about it is to NOT insult and anger the person you are talking to. It pisses me off for MANY reasons one being you all say that as if black people just have no clue as to what racism and prejudice feel like. Or we’re supposed to drop what we’re doing because YOU all are upset by what some white person said and if that’s the case then COMPLAIN TO THE ONE WHO UPSET YOU!! Not people who have nothing to do with your argument.

  • Cuckoo —

    To say that “this is not your problem” ignores the fact that racism is a widespread, cultural issue that affects all people of colour. How do you expect to form coalitions and create allies if your perspective of racism is that incidents like this, which don’t specifically target your ethnic group, aren’t your concern?

    As Priya said, Asian Americans do not intentionally fly under the radar, even if we are stereotyped as such. In fact, we have a long history of fighting for our rights — that extends back to the late nineteenth century when Asian Americans were deeply invlved in the labour ad union movements. The problem is that American history is taught in a Black/White racial paradigm that ignores these episodes in American history. Consequently, incidents of racism that affect Black Americans tend to receive greater attention than incidents of racism affecting non-Black minorities; culturally, we’re programmed to believe racism = anti-Black.

    This post points out THAT automatic programming in how we address racism. I’m not sure how you could read into that any notion that the Black community is somehow at fault for apathy towards anti-Asian racism. To me, that’s just divisive rhetoric.

    Incidentally — you should notice that the original post links Asian American advocacy groups that speak out against Adam Carolla — not the African American community — abot the incident. So — how can you accuse our community of not “complaining to the one who upset us”?

  • cuckooforcoco

    Then why did you bring up John Mayer and Micheal Richards?! If you didn’t want me to go there with you why did you go there to me what you said is the same as saying ‘if this were the blacks’ as if what we have to drop what we’re doing because YOU are pissed off about something?! To me THAT is not only divisive it’s insulting and I ask again WHERE were the Asian groups for the Post ‘monkey’ cartoon,the watermelons on the WhiteHouse lawn picture,the ‘spook’ picture,the Curious George dolls,etc.?! So we HAVE to have your back but you don’t need to give a crap about us?! Sorry don’t think so especially when tyou have people like abc and Kenneth Eng and Michelle Malkin hating on us if you hate us so damn much don’t come to us with your problem.

  • //Then why did you bring up John Mayer and Micheal Richards?!

    Because it is necessary to draw the comparison between this incident and those incidents. In all cases, a celebrity makes an outright racist statement about a minority group. However, in the other cases cited, mainstream media immediately picked up on the racism and criticized the celebrity, whereas in this case, there has been no response from mainstream media. Why? Because we are programmed to react towards racism as if it is a Black/White paradigm; and we tend to ignore racism that targets Asians, Latinos or other ethnic groups.

    //as if what we have to drop what we’re doing because YOU are pissed off about something?!

    Uhm — you totally put that there. That sentiment is not in the post. Anywhere.

    //To me THAT is not only divisive it’s insulting and I ask again WHERE were the Asian groups for the Post ‘monkey’ cartoon,the watermelons on the WhiteHouse lawn picture,the ’spook’ picture,the Curious George dolls,etc.?!

    You are clearly ignorant both of the history of this blog and of other anti-racism groups that included Asian American activists who spoke out against those incidents.

    //Sorry don’t think so especially when tyou have people like abc and Kenneth Eng and Michelle Malkin hating on us if you hate us so damn much don’t come to us with your problem.

    Again, you are clearly ignorant of the history of this blog. Had you been a regular reader of APA race activism blogs like this one, you would know that Kenneth Eng was openly derided by virtually all APA bloggers who speak on race, including this one. While my archives are no longer online, you can find similar sentiments if you visit Angry Asian Man, Racialicious, and other blogs.

    So, forgive me for saying this, Cuckoo, but I don’t think you know what you are talking about on this one. You seem to have it engrained in your head that APAs are looking for an “activist handout” so to speak, when you seem plainly ignorant of the efforts of APA activists like myself who have worked towards building coalitions and justifying outreach between our communities.

  • cuckooforcoco

    Then I’m sorry I guess I’m just ignorant. And no I don’t read this blog all the time[though I do read Angry Asian]and forgive ME my rants but that’s just the way it comes across especially when goofballs like Malkin are one of the few Asians being given a prominent voice in mainstream media. I just get a sinking feeling whenever anyone goes there because it a]trivializes us like we have NO clue about racism b]comes off as insulting because it acts like we still don’t have horrible shit to deal with and c]comes most of the time from people who wouldn’t spit on us if we were on fire. So forgive me for being weary and I didn’t mean to come off so ABW[angry black woman]but this old gal has been hearing far too much phony ‘we are the world’ b.s. to make me have serious trust issues. But I’m glad we got a dialouge going even if it didn’t start out that way, my bad.

  • Lei

    White people are racist

  • Shak18

    Here in Hawaii we call white people haole
    they are not welcome here
    Hawaiians never did like haoles
    I’m glad I live Hawaii not too many haoles
    no racism here between Hawaiians and Asians
    we are only racist to the haole
    they are not welcome here
    my Hawaiian friends says white people stole their land
    I will never move to LA or the mainland too many racists
    it’s more dangerous and it’s too violent compared to Asia or Hawaii
    too many druggies and etc…..