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Yeah, I know, my sporadic posting is getting annoying, even to me. I just thought I'd give you guys a brief update on my life while I'm in the blogging mood. Class started in the last week of August, and on August 24th, I celebrated my 24th birthday with a busy day of classes and research. Over the summer, I started a research project that I hoped to complete by the beginning of the fall semester, but anyone who has performed any kind of research would've been able to tell me that research never goes as quickly as you plan.

At the start of the school year, I'm now balancing a full class schedule (including an ethics class, a statistics class, and an advanced class on cell signalling), as well as still trying to finish the research project that has me rotating between three different laboratories. I feel very displaced, without an office or desk to call my own and a lot more commitments than I had originally intended to have by this time. Subsequently, I find myself working 12-hour days and weekends, with each day packed with experiments and me running from lab to lab trying to stay on top of deadlines.

When I get home, I rarely have much mental capacity left to do much of anything, nor have I had a chance to stay on top of pop culture. I didn't hear about Bush's inane speeches of the past week until just this morning.

So thanks, everyone, for continuing to read this blog despite my chronic lack of posting. I hope things will slow down soon and I can get back to this, which has become one of few sources of fun I have to me.

Incidentally, one other thing I've been working on is serving on the recruitment committee for my program, where my goal for the year is to double applicant numbers and increase outreach to undergraduates of colour to encourage them to seek graduate-level training in sciences. To that end, after working all summer, I was able to work with other students and faculty to update my program's website! It took hundreds of man-hours but I'm proud that the site has been launched!

Now that the site's up, my time is a lot more free and I can get back to blogging.

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